July 20, 2015

Maple's OOTD June

Ever since I came to KL, I told myself to post OOTD photos once in a week. THough it's not literally every week, but I make progress. So let's started. 

Comfortable clothes like comfortable food, 
Make you feel grounded and secured. 

I guess I would wear this outfit quite frequently because it is really really comfortable, despite it's a bit tight at the waist. I don't really mind as I don't need to care much about my movement, I mean the high waist knee-length skirt is long enough, unlike the usual skirt length above knee that I have to be very careful while making an movement. Hahaha. 

Black and white Striped Sleeveless top :Online blogshop, I bought years ago. 

High-waist knee length skirt: Bangkok Chatuchak Market 

Satin clothing, so it's extremely light. Perfect for casual or formal occasion. In fact, the stripe design make it standing out,  making it easily to match and pair.

Hight waist skirt:
The thick waist band design at the top of  skirt created a slimming figure look. Pleated design that create a flaring outward and away from body created an illusion on smaller waist.However, the cloth is thick and heavy. It does consume a lot of space while storing it.

White flat sneakers, that resemble Keds shoes, is actually from the brand Bata, I wish to get buy this, but cant it in Bata outlet also. White flat sneakers  is comfortable for walking, but not for running because it has a thin base only. Dressed down in a way that compliment any outfit with the most demure look.

Would make another post only focus on  the white flat sneakers. 

Nude colour dress with lace underneath: Kitschen 

Red-white polka dot wedges: Nose 

the lace detail, cut out at the waist and the back.

There is another one black colour available, in fact I think the black colour compliment my skin colour better, black will reflect my fair skin, hahaha. Because I don't look fair enough in this colour as you can see. Nevertheless, I will still go with this colour because I like those dress that make me look elegant, hehehe.
Handbag from Calvin Klein- Also nude in colour.

Red-white polka dot wedges. Nose. Rm 89.90

Dress up a bit by putting on bright red colour lipstick =D 


  1. You really do have a good fashion sense. I agreed that the long skirt is definitely much easier for girls to wear...lovely photos! What camera you use to capture yourself? And btw you look great! :)

  2. dear Billy Toh,
    Thanks for your compliments= D you make a great start for my day =)

    I use Sony Nex 3N, but if you considering buy a new one, but Sony alpha 5000 or above series, it has upgraded features as 3N has been in market for 2 years (or longer) ady.

    Buy a semi-pro camera with wifi, then you can immediately post in any social media!


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