July 11, 2015

Japanese Curry House: Coco Ichibanya @One Utama

Thanks to The Butterfly Project Malaysia, I got the invitation to food review at Coco Ichibanya in One Utama!! I actually got quite excited because I have not trying Japanese cuisine for sometimes. I also didn't know that Curry Rice is one of the Japanese food.

 The front outlook of the restaurant. The location is quite hidden actually, it's in the new wing of One Utama, beside the Breadstory, you can easily reach here from the LG center concourse area in New Wing =D

It's beside the Bread Story o! 

Being a curry house, there are different level of spiciness too! Being a standard one , Level 1 (mild) to Level 5 (the most spicy one! ) 

 Beef Yakiniku Curry Rm 23

When this Beeft Yakiniku Curry first served on the table, I was not really impress with it. First because it apperance doesn't look appealing, however it end up this is the second dish I like the most!

 The standard curry is just a normal taste curry, in which if you are not a spicy person, you can opt for this. (Although I didnt know how they judge the standard of "standard", but it's milder or as mild as Level 1 spiciness.)

The beef itself is tender, cut into thin strip, and stir-fried. Its delightly flavourful, and I like how they fried this with sesame! The overall of this dishes is just awesome!

Would recommend you to pair with level 2 or above curry spiciness. The beef itself is delightful, but the curry is too mild for liking.

 Pork Cutlet Omelette Curry RM 26

Pork Cuttlet Curry Rm 21

This would be a more fulfilling dishes, as it has egg (protein) and big chunks of pork cutlet! Compare to other dishes, this one come with less surprise. It is still delicious,tender cutlet serving together with milk omelette that aim to keep you full.   I focus more on the curry itself. Pairing with Level 1 spiciness. People who do not eat spicy at all could have try level 1.

 Wagyu Beef Steak Curry Rm 48

Aside from a bit undercook, the beeft steak is tender, and it's the well seasoned. If you were a beef Lover, you can either opt for Wagyu Beef Steak or Beef Yakiniku!

Creamed Mushroom Omelette Curry  Rm 23

Pairing with Level 3 Spiciness, I drank water at the first try. I guess I would cough more, and feeling hot if I continue to consume more. Ironically, this appear to be my top favourite of the night. I knew this would be prefect of me by pairing with level 2 spiciness. 

However mushroom and creamy are great combo, I try to omit the curry while taking this. The curry would be too much for me to handle soon. 

The creamy mushroom remind me of carbonara. It is well-cooked, it remain juicy inside, without absorbing much of the creamy sauce outside, but the hot serving of it, in creamy & mushroom combo are just prefect. You get to try the juicy of mushroom and the creaminess at the same time, just oh-so-heaven. 

  Grilled Squid with Mayonnaise Curry Rm 24

Serving with Level 4 spiciness. I do not try this at all. For  I already reaching the limit at Level 3. For those who like to goes up to this level, would advise you to get a cup of milk beside you =D 

  Smoked Salmon Salad Rm 10

I would definitely order this when I come here next time!! To be frank, I cant distinguish whether the salmon piece is smoked or not, but seeing the salmon on top of it, already trigger my desire to finish eat. The dressing was Goma (sesame sauce)

 Bacon and Pumpkin Salad Rm 8

The bacon just perfectly smoked, tender and the pumpkin is soft.Considering the considerable amount of green vege, the about of bacon could be more.  You can opt for Shoyu (Soysauce) or Goma (Sesame) sauce for this. 

On the day itself, we also get to try the drink of our choice. 

Strawberry Milkshake Rm 11
Pineapple Juice Rm 9
Strawberry Soda Rm 9

I would go for Strawberry Soda which is a bit gas-y, because the Strawberry Milkshake is too icy-cold for me. 

Overall, it was a pleasant experience having dinner here. The food is delicious, and exquisite to some extend, price is standard.People, try your spiciness level here, and tell me which level that you can go. 

Other menu that I feel like want to eat
1.Grilled Pork and Kimchi Curry Rm 20
2. Pork Shabu Curry   RM 20
3.Japanese style mushroom spagetti Rm 19
4. Mushroom curry rice Rm 19

Coco Ichibanya One Utama

 (There is another one is Penang Queensbay Mall)
Lot LG 333A, Lower Ground (New Wing),
1 Utama Shopping Centre, Bandar Utama, 
47800 Petaling Jaya. 

Contact number: 03-7732 8937

Operating Hours: 10 am - 10pm daily

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