May 17, 2022

Hada Labo X Watsons have successfully raised RM50,000 during its 5-week long ‘We Care For Society’ campaign.




22 B40 Women Entrepreneurs and 500 Families Benefitted from this Campaign

 Background news for the 'We Care for Society Campaign

L-R Caryn Loh, Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia, Nurul Syaiedatul Aqmal, Community Development Officer of WOW & Lim Mei Yuen, General Manager of Rohto-Mentholatum (M) Sdn Bhd

KUALA LUMPUR, 17 May 2022 – Hada Labo in partnership with Watsons have successfully raised RM50,000 during its 5-week long ‘We Care For Society’ campaign. This campaign, which was launched during the Ramadhan month, was aimed at supporting the businesses of B40 women tailors and B40 women bakers.

1,500 face masks sewn by the selected B40 women entrepreneurs to be distributed to 500 families from 5 PPR and PA in Klang Valley


In collaboration with Women Of Will (WOW), Hada Labo commissioned the B40 women entrepreneurs to sew a total of 1,500 face masks and bake approximately 10,000 pieces of cookies, which were then distributed to 500 families living in five different People’s Housing Project and Public Housing in Klang Valley, namely, PPR Batu Muda, PPR Pekan Batu, PA Sri Kelantan, PA Sri Negeri Sembilan, and PA Sri Perlis 2.

Approximately 10,000 pieces of cookies were baked and will be distributed to 500 B40 families


Rohto-Mentholatum (M) Sdn Bhd General Manager Lim Mei Yuen said Hada Labo is happy to be able to play a part in contributing to deserving communities, especially the B40 community who were badly impacted during the pandemic.


Lim said that the campaign was a success, and she would like to thank customers for their support for Hada Labo and also for making the Hari Raya celebration meaningful for the B40 communities.

Recipient of Raya Cookies and face mask through the Hada Labo 'We Care For Society' Campaign


“Hada Labo’s ‘We Care For Society’ started two years ago as our brand commitment and initiative to give back to the society. Our campaign in the last two years has assisted 230 B40 women in their businesses and benefited 300 B40 families from three People’s Housing Project. This year itself, we have aided another 22 B40 women entrepreneurs and 500 B40 families,” added Lim.


The Hada Labo’s ‘We Care For Society’ is one of the brand’s initiative to give back to society. Through the campaign, RM1 from the sales proceed of each Hada Labo Premium Whitening product sold at Watsons outlets nationwide were donated to the fund.

Lakshwin Muruga, Chief Operating Officer of Women Of Will (WOW) appreciates the continuous support from Hada Labo to help underprivileged women in make a living.


“Although we have entered the endemic phase but small businesses run by B40 entrepreneurs are still affected due to inflation and the high operations cost. We are therefore thankful to Hada Labo for their continuous financial support year after year. We hope to continue working closely with Hada Labo to empower the underprivileged women with new skill sets apart from offering them financial aid,” said Lakshwin.     

  Background news for the 'We Care for Society Campaign

For more information about Hada Labo, visit or Facebook page: MyHada Labo.

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