May 24, 2022

First trimester :Food Aversion

 This post was written on 12th Feb (Week 7 Day 2 )

What should I eat?

I keep on thinking this today. what should I eat?

Fast food....too oily, even the though of it makes me feel nausea already (Food aversion)

Porridge----I love it! I want eat something mushy, and easy to swallow and flavoursome! has a lot of carbo....

Asam Laksa....I want! but my mom said the Asam in the Asam laksa is as 'sharp' as the pineapple....

After round of thought...  I come accross THIS eating guide 

More about EATING

But occasionally, I still eat oily food .like butter kaya croissant from Thong Kee Cafe ..until this few day (around 12th Feb) , I started to have food aversion towards the oily food.

Food aversion towards the oily food
Trust me, if you feel that the photos of 5 mins later is ugly. My facial expression when my stomach is upset is even uglier, twitching, deformed.... You just don't feel right doing anything. 

I am not sure if I am the only one who experience this. My sense of taste/smell towards oily food is more sensitive now.


should I say oily food that is not fresh from oven / being staying for few days would exude the oily taste (which I have never detected prior pregnancy), but I can smell it now , when the food is brought near to my nose.

and the oily taste is disgusting, making me nausea.

One of the oily food that I personally like a lot is the fried fish cracker from my kampung (hometown) , KEROPOK. Keropok is crunchy , salty and flavoursome. I could literally gobble up the whole bottle in less than 2 days before pregnancy.

But now.... as I am typing this, I could feel that my stomach is grumbling already, hahahaa. I can't even finish this whole bottle in a week.

Feeling want to vomit , nausea at heavy caffeine too. I can still drink milo at the moment (Milo contains caffein, but in a very little amount)

Caffeine naturally occurs in cocoa. MILO® powder contains 0.011-0.024g caffeine/100g MILO® i.e. 2.2mg-4.8mg per 20g serve MILO®. This is less than 10% of the caffeine found in a cup of instant coffee (2g of instant coffee has around 70mg caffeine per serve).

Taken from Milo official site

Also, I love to eat aglio olio. the flavoursome taste of burnt garlic with spice and chillies is really wholesome. I went to have aglio olio on 11st Feb (Week 7 Day 1 ).

At first, i was delighted at the visual feasting on it. My brain and tongue like it a lot too. Soon, immediately after I finished eating, stood up to walk away from the cafe, ...the moment I stood up.....

It was like the start of nightmare. My stomach was heavily bloated. I had this at 12pm (coupled with sour tomato soup and spice-seasoned grilled chicken breast)...Yea, quite a lot.

For the first time in my life. I was feeling extremely FULL (or maybe it is bloating) , until the night time 12am. I didn't feel like want to sleep because the stomach was upsetting me, I was unsure what to do.

About the Sweet dessert

love to e
I like to eat cake like lemon cheese cake, crepe and so on. Not only it was a aesthetic visual to look at, it pumps up your happy hormone like endrophin. But again, around week 7 again. I had craving for cake.

But it didn't feel right the moment that I try on it. Guess because it is CREAMY, intentionally overly-MAN-MADE SWEET. Again, it sent my stomach bloated again. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Top : Plain looking ABC Chinese Porridge (with ginger)
Bottom: Attractive looking gourmet

Which type of food attracts you more? and guess which one is my preference now? It is the plain looking ABC Chiense Porridge. I add on ginger when I cook this. The taste of ginger just make everything feel so right. My stomach thanks me for having ginger, haha.

The simple ABC porridge has less processed food, make it easier for my stomach to digest.
Also, the carrot is sweet! (My sense of taste become more sensitive during this period, sometime my tongue would go numb from eating too sweet, or too salty. THe taste of carrot is so natural and feel just perfect! )
The potato tastes fulfilling, tasty but not overwhelming
the minced pork provides the protein.

It is warm, not oily (wont make me nausea). So it is just the right food to eat!!

So, what's the solution that could comfort my grumbling / upset stomach?


Don't belittle simple soul food like this. This is the stir fried salted fish & pork belly. (Most importantly it has GINGER! ) My stomach was so happy to eat this. Feel good and satisfying!

2. Lemon
Feeling refreshing and alive whenever I have this. I would prefer lemon water over the plain water. Somtimes, overnight plain water makes me nausea too.

3. Udo Oil
do oil is a plant-based extracted oil. It doesn't make me feel nausea. But TBH, this is not the solution to relieve upset stomach.

I recommend this because so far this is the only oil that I want feel nausea looking and smelling and tasting eat.

Udo Oil is has Omega 3,6,9 which mean you don't need to eat salmon or egg everyday to get Omega 3,6,9 for the brain development of the growing foetus.

Half of the Omega-3 intake gets burned for energy. 10-20% per day is converted into EPA/DHA. Taken here. 

Sometimes, I would also mix the udo oil with lemon water.

Also, if you have a plant-based diet practitioner (vegetarian/vegan), I would suggest you to take

Plant-based beverage mix which is iron-rich. I was still a vegetarian during my first pregnancy. As you know, there might not be enough of iron intake from vegetable alone during the pregnancy. Perhaps, my baby woudn't gone if I monitor closely on my Thyroid function and with the sufficient iron intake.

I didnt drink this at the moment, as it is quite costly. Perhaps I would like this during the second trimester, cause throughout the research, the need of iron to make healthy heamoglobin (red blood cell) is in high demend during the second trimester.


I heard this quote from this video. All women's body are made for Pregnancy .(quote appears around 5.17 min ) As I am/was developing the food aversion. I started to understand why. My stomach will immediately went on RIOT with I eat the wrong food.

And literally, your stomach literally just take like 5 mins to response (Very immediate)

I mean during the ordinary time, when I am not pregnant, the signs might come out few hours later, or only on the second day. But the signal given when eating the wrong food is so immediate. LITERALLY.
As I am typing this, my stomach is still grumbling cause I had few pieces of Fried keropok just now.

Guess what I am going to do now is just to enjoy, rest more, eat the right food.

and, my dear baby, I can't wait to see you!


Some useful information I found out from this mummy pharmacist Miss Choong 

All the information and graphic below are taken from her FB page here. 

⚠️【酒】 >>> 孩子会畸形
⚠️【黄梨,西瓜】 >>> 会流产,早产
⚠️【冰水,冰淇凌】 >>> 宝宝生出来会气喘,容易伤风敏感
⚠️【咖啡,奶茶】 >>> 容易流产
⚠️【三文鱼刺身】 >>> 生冷食物对孕妇不利
⚠️【 螃蟹,八爪鱼】>>> 孩子出来会手多多或孩子会很难生
⚠️【肉骨茶】 >>> 活血行气,易造成流产

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