May 24, 2022

Pregnancy to do list 2nd-3rd Trimester & after Giving birth

 Can do it both Second or Third trimester 

1. To think about the baby's name. 
Do it after you know the baby's gender or  you can also do it after the baby comes out. In our case, we are just too excited, and keep playing it in our mind only, haahaha. 

My husband, WS even think 2 steps further. He also standby the second word of the chinese name so that the next bro/sis can use the Chinese name in the second word. 

Second trimester  

To buy list in Second trimester -Optional, not compulsory

1. Stretch mark cream - from week 13 

2. U share pillow- from week 24 

3. Maternity clothes - one piece dress, maternity legging , I bought it from Shein. 

1. Brazilian waxing 

The growth of the baby (embryo) in the first trimester is not so visually noticable, I came across the idea of trimming my pubic hair because every night my baby will say good night to it's daddy. So it is a little not-so-decent to see my pubic hair. 

My lao gong doesn't really mind, I mean after all it is so natural to have pubic hair at the pubic area. For me, I am a little aesthetically demanding. so I feel that is it not so decent to show baby bump and the pubic hair will come into view for sure. 

Also, another reason that I wanna trim my pubic hair is because... (Although I am only in my first trimester)

Whether you perform C-section or natural birth, you will still eventually need to shave the pubic hair or easier delivery esp for the normal labour. Your vagina opening will dilate (become wider) , so it is a bit of blocking to see the pubic hair then. 

So I might as well just make sure it is clean from the first trimester la. 

Update: I called my Usual Bubble Gum Wax centre to enquire about Brazilian Wax. There are 2 types of wax: Soft wax and hard wax. After discussion and consideration, I did not go for Brazilian Wax in second trimester, because as much as I trust my therapist, my therapist also mentioned that I might feel more pain the usual. So I don't want to take the risk la. 

I am still not sure if I would trim the pubic hair myself or go for it again in the third trimester after week 35. Let's wait until the time then. 

2. Oral care 

the KK (KLinik Kesihatan Ibu and Anak-anak nurse does advise me to go and ask for appointment in Klinik Pergigian too, but I forgot to get the appointment, been staying in KK for 2 hour , )

3. Pregnancy insurance 

Some parents would buy it after the baby has come out. It is a matter of choice actually. I personally feel that it is important to get maximum protection so I proceed to buy the pregnancy protection insurance, 

Some infor about Pregnancy insurance

1. The policy will be automatic converted to baby's medical card after the pregnancy 

2.You dont have to wait for 30 days to buy medical card after the birth 

3. You get pregnancy protection, of course, when I buy the plan, I did not wish that I would get any of them. 

You might get rejected too if you have health complication like GDM(Gestational Diabetes Mellitus)

4. Baby will get protection from Congential Diseases 

4. Plan for after delivery

Do you want to continue working? or

Working as a Work from home mum ? OR 

Become a full time mummy?  

It is better that you plan earlier. 

Honestly, I was (and still am) a bit blur and clumsy and less forward thinking during my pregnancy. 

Until my boss asked me about my delivery leave, I then only have the effort to plan carefully about my after confinement plan. It could be easy or hard. Depends on your plan. Btw, here's a little view of my 

after delivery + career planning. 

5. Going for a vacation 

It is not that you can travel in the third trimester. You can still travel in the thrid trimester if you got the green light from your Obsterician. Generally, it is safer to travel in the second trimester as I imagine there would be more limitation on activity, diet etc in the 3rd trimester. This is just based on my body condition anyway.  

For example, Airasia does not allow the flight to States from  28-34 weeks 

Below is the excerpt  taken from Airasia 

1. Pregnancy up to 27 weeks (inclusive): Except on flights to/from the United States, Guest must sign AirAsia / AirAsia X Limited Liability Statement at the time of check-in to absolve AirAsia / AirAsia X against any liabilities arising there from.
2. Pregnancy between 28 weeks to 34 weeks (inclusive): Except on flights to/from the United States, Guest must:

  • Submit an approved doctor's medical certificate.
  • Submit a doctor's medical certificate confirming the number of weeks of pregnancy and the certificate shall be dated not more than thirty (30) days from either the scheduled outbound or the scheduled inbound flight departure date as the case may be.
  • Sign AirAsia / AirAsia X Limited Liability Statement at the time of check-in to absolve AirAsia / AirAsia X against any liabilities arising there from.

3. Pregnancy 35 weeks and above: carriage not permitted on AirAsia / AirAsia X.

Why would I suggest the vacation during the 2nd trimester? 

Again this is very subjective. I personally think that I would have less time to travel after the baby is coming out. Also , I would prefer to go it, before busily juggling between work and baby. 

However, if you job/schedule around you to continue travelling after baby is coming out. I jealous you... No la...It's my choice anyway. 

Third trimester 

1.Pack for hospital bag 

And put it in the car 

It is best to seperate the mommy bag and baby bag 

2. To train lao gong to help me to wash hair

I want to sit down and wash hair, then lao gong helps me to blow dry my hair too. 

3. Tour about the hospital that you will have your labour

Know which exactly point to stop in case of the sudden water break, or contraction. Along with all the necessary doc like IC, appointment, pink book etc. 

a. Can also standby the hospital bag in the car already. 

4. Look for Baby care center 

5. Stricter diet plan (this is for me only)

Because I tend to eat loosely during the second trimester, but I told myself, I will eat stricter diet during the third trimester. 

By right, your baby is growing every day during the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd timester. So you should eat healthily no matter which trimester. So The above is my personal plan only. 

6. Make room/drawer/wardrobe to put baby's stuff 

Week 30-36 - 

My third trimester diet plan

To avoid/ reduce on

1.      Cold drink – I tend to have a little asthma when I drink cold recently even during the day.

2.      Sugary food – including sweet yogurt , sweet dessert, pastries



To continue

1.      Yogourt /milk


Diet routine

6pm – Dinner

8pm – A fulfilling healthy beverage (oatmeal, G sure, 绿宝灵, Herbal Life F1 )

10pm (before sleep, empty stomach) -  Iron (Floradix )

After Giving birth 

1. Recreation /Travel:
1. To try the fresh osyter in Marble 8 Steak House & Fine Dining Restaurant in KL / To eat ice-cream 

This upmarket restaurant located in the KLcity center  is famous for their wagyu beef. But I am not a friend of Wagyu nor beef.  

2. Go back to Gym - Aeriel Yoga - Jan 2023 

3. Learn Pilate if possible - March 2023 (Isitll have one lesson with Sheer)

4. Vacation at the beach  : Redang , Redang, Tenggol Island, Royale Chulan Cherating, Sabah Sipadan

7. Picnic at the outdoor 

8. Post -delivery Air Asia Flight Debt - only D7 Flight is allowed now. 

9. Meditation retreat- where my heart resides.  

2. Health care/Oral care :  

1a. Root Canal Treatment - Nov 2022 

1b. Wisdom Tooth Extraction (to prevent caries and cavity)

2. Reduce the Levothyroxine dosage to before pregnancy dosage- Get a TFT blood test report after 2-3 weeks of adjusting dosage. 

3. Body care/Facial/ Grooming 

1. Root Hair touch up/Hair colouring - before the CNY 2023 (22nd Jan 2023, Sunday )

2. Manicure - maybe can skip this, since I am going to nurse a newborn baby 

4. To motivate me to move further 

Bearbrick in one set

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