May 24, 2022

Food/Healthy juice that I have taken during the pregnancy

 1. Milk 

Pic credit to very Well family. 

Surprisingly, I like to drink milk a lot during my pregnancy. My doctor friends also said that I can in fact drink 3 cups of milk per day if dont want to have calcium supplment. It tastes good and It won't give me the nausea feeling.  

Sometimes, at night, if I am hungry before sleeping, i would also have a glass of milk to sleep. 

I prefer to take milk during the lunch or the time after. Because, I am on hormone-replacement treatment (taking levothyroxine), which calcium would interfere with the absorption of thyroid hormone T4 . So doctor suggested that I should have taken my levothyroxine 4 hours before any calcium consumption.  

2.  Salus Floradix Iron 

While searching for the picture of Salus Floradix Iron, I came across this pricing from Eu Yan Sang. 

So far , the price that I have surveyed. 

BHB official side - RM 180 
Healthlane Pharmacy - Rm 171 (member price)
Eu Yan Sang - Rm 162  
Price is true as per 20th Feb 2022

However, the packaging from Eu Yan Sang is slightly different from the BHB official site. Both are from Salus. I guess it is because of the old and new packaging?   

The main reason that I need to mention about this Floradix Iron is because I would like to share a funny annecdote.  I have been drinking Floradix twice only to realise that I drink it the wrong way. LOL 

First time:  I drink it after the meal. (It should be taken empty stomach for best absorption)

Taken this excerpt from BHB official site (BELOW)

 Floradix® Formula is best to be consumed half an hour before meal. Juices are better absorbed on empty stomach. Besides, taking Floradix® Formula before meal can avoid certain substances in food that interfere with iron absorption (tannin in coffee / tea, calcium and milk protein in milk, phytate in grains / legumes, phosphate in carbonated drinks).

Second time: As the taste of the Floradix iron really smells like iron, literally like  the metal Iron. so It is a bit disgusting to drink at.  The first time I drank it, I skipped 2 days before I have my next Floradix iron, cause it is making me nausea. 

Knowing that it would make me nausea, i drink the Floradix iron with MILK, because it was so shock to drink with milk. So smooth, and the iron taste gone away immediately. 

Soon, after I bottomed up my glass of milk. Some instinct in me ask me to google for the right way of taking iron. Only do I realise that ,I cannot drink Floradix with milk . They are just like enemy. LOL. 

It should not be taken with any calcium food, and food like milk, yogurt are rich in calcium or any other calcium fortified food. Ai yo.... 

Third time: I had it after meal too. Normally, i will also eat my other supplement after the meal. 

I had Floradix after dinner, next, my  muscular memory action prompt me to take the supplement right after the meal, one of them was Calcium pill. I was teaching that time. halfway through, The thought suddenly struck me. I was reminded that Floradix is not to drink with calcium, then I immediately spit out the calcium pill. 

I couldn't stop laughing at the action. Ai yo....  I have drunk it 3 times, and I drank it the wrong way. LOL> 

Some doctors suggest taking a vitamin C supplement or drinking orange juice with your iron pill. This can help the iron absorb into your body. Drinking 8 ounces (240 milliliters) of fluid with an iron pill is also OK. Guess if I want, I can drink with Floradix along with oranges.  

Forth time: 20th Feb 2022

I still taking the Floradix Iron although the smell of iron is a bit disgusting, but I can tolerate it much better now. In fact, the fruit juice extract in the Floradix is quite sweet. 

I drank it becauseI have spent like Rm 171 to buy the 500ml of floradix, so really don't want to waste the money, 

Also,  the main reason is...the moment that I think about growing festus need to take a lot of iron to make blood. As they are growing fast now. I feel that the need for iron is quite in demand, towards and during the second trimester, so ...I just drink it la. 

My dear baby, if you see this in the future.You should know that I have done a lot to give you the best growing environment. You must grow healthily! 

TO read more about taking iron supplement the right way. 

1. Medline Plus 

2. BHB official site 

3. Pregnancy formula milk (but I seldom drink it, I prefer Milo instead)

4. Yakult / 100 plus - It sooths the nausea

5. Coconut juice - If you are heaty 

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