May 13, 2022

Pregnancy diary - Week 20 & 21

Coincidently, we wore the outfit of the same scheme colour! 

and how my tummy/baby progressing 

 13th May 2022 - Week 20! - Vomit for the first time

I had never vomitted even during the first trimester. (If it did, it was only one time...and little saliva only). Today, the vomit was like the whole gush of the entire food (Pan Mee) from stomach were vomitted.

It could be my meal time recently is not so regular,


could be I dont have sufficient sleep the previous day.

Also recently, I get hungry and fill up very fast.

I was already filling full while eating half bowl of the pan-mee. I didn't stop there because it was so delicious.

Then, as I got into the car....the car started to stomach also started to wiggle....

I felt like want to vomit. Kept sitting upright...

WS also passed me a plastic from the car.

The moment I got down from the car, I straight away fell to the ground the moment I stood upright and vomitted the entire food. (into the plastic)

I felt so much comfortable after the vomitting....

Then I continue to vomit the rest of the food out...

When I got home (walking from lobby to the lift, from the lift to my house)

I felt exhausted and sleepy. 

Slept for 2 hours and feeling thirsty as I started to speak. 

Anyway, I am fine now. I just want to sleep more. 

Lessons today : 

1. Stop eating when I feel full already. 

2. Eat on time, then take the prenatal  vitamin on time

3. Eat on time. So that your body have time for digestion, burping  and be able to sleep well without feeling bloated. 

4. If eat on time, then wouldn't have much trouble on sleeping 

Bought these little cutie the other day! a cute coaster and a pencil holder/brush holder!  

17th May 2022 - Week 20 Day 4 - Baby kicks 2.0

First time wearing this pregnancy pants, because I couldn't wear the existing normal pants already. Today i felt suffocating when I tried wearing the normal jogging pants. 

Went to follow up in H. Putrajaya on 12th May. For the first time, I stayed at H. Putrajaya from 8am - around 4pm. I had 2 doctor appointments on the same day. 

Thyroid appointment -with Surgical department 
Combined Clinic O&G +  Endocrinology - with O&G department.
It was a bit tiring at the end of the day. WS didn't tag along.He had to work and also he couldn't join the doctor consultation also even if he was present. He could only wait outside. 

Hope. Breakfast 
Frankly, having a hearty delicious breakfast could very well kick start my day productively! 

I was too boring in the afternoon, after the lunch hour , while waiting for 2pm combined clinic appointment (The combined clinic O&G appointment is only available on Thursday 2pm as for now). I wander around the hospital ....and pay frequent visit to toilet also. 

Then I found out H. Putrajaya is quite mother -friendly . They have nursing room next to the toilet. 

THe interior of the nursing room in H. PUtrajaya. 

ws cooked gu lou yuk for the first time! He didn't want to fry it. So instead, he fried it with the air fryer. It was surprisingly delicious!

Although the powder didn't coated evenly on the surface of the pork (as we were using air fryer). It tasted so good!

I appeared as the pregnant mom...

Although I am know that I am 5 month pregnant. Still I was so surprise to see myself in this pregnant look. (after seeing myself looking young and youth in photos, haahahahh)

I did nothing much to celebrate Wesak Day in 2022. All I did this year was only to bath the buddha and Heart sutra copying. Hopefully I can be a volunteer, or help out in any of the buddhist temple next year. 

I also didn't go out much on the Wesak Day, while seeing my active Buddhist friends hopped around the Buddhist Temple around KL and Klang Valley. I really want to join. However, at the same time, I just want to sleep and rest. 

Hopefully I get to be more active in Wesak Day 2023.  

19th May 2022 - Week 20 Day 6 - Keep on spitting / Hypersalivation/Ptyalism

I had Indian cuisine, Indian banana rice today. .....for lunch. then at night, around 9pm  or 8 hours after the lunch. I feel the need to constantly spitting right now. from 9pm until now 9.40pm ....

It was so intense that it is so distracting my brain cannot understand. 

I mean doesn the hypersalivation is a symptom during the first trimester? Why would it happen to me? 

3 times spitting in a minute 
Do I need really have that much of saliva to spit?  

In the end , I ran out of saliva already.
Feeling thirsty....
I drank water...
can continue to spit...

This is the only related piece of information that I found from Google. 
I guess it means that I have acid reflux...
I feel nausea when I sit down. 
I also feel nausea when I do not spit....

then after the same time...I also feel like farting 

It was my stomach grumble....or so.....

Just to jote it down. 

Is it a sign to ask me to go sleeping?  
Is it a sign ask me to focus on eating first?
 (But not to split it into 2 meals? )


23rd May 2022 - Week 21 Day 3- Daddy's girl

It's a girl. It's a Daddy's girl
because 15 out 20 times, the baby would response whenever WS talks to her. 

She would response by kicking. moving, flapping or swimming. 
There's how WS and me think. 

Whenever the baby is not responding, 
I would try to poke my belly to get her to response, 
then the WS  would said.....
It's okay it's okay, let her sleep. It's fine. 

So , dear 陈伟盛, 谁是小三? 
你爱我多一点还是baby 多一点。。。lu kong (read it in Hokkien Dialect)! 😆😆😆

Generally, at the current stage. 
WS's ear is more sensitive than his hand. 
He can sense baby's movement better with his ear than his hands

Same goes to me too. 
Sometimes, when I touch my belly with my hands..... I wonder if it is the pulse from my hand or from the belly (baby)..... 

23rd May 2022 - Week 21 Day 3- Baby's appetite

During the first trimester , 
I like eat less carbohydrate and more of plain watery food
eating heavily flavoursome food makes me nausea

Like porridge, mee sua, mee soup...
or just economic rice with balanced diet 
I like to drink a lot of milk at this stage, also at this time, my breasts become so much tender at bigger 

During the second trimester , 
my preference of drink switches randomly between 

milk     -    100 plus -  yakult ---- yogurt drink --- (Rotate based on my preference)
Actually I like to drink coconut juice also. 

So far, I haven't drink the red date tea yet. Cause the red date tea from confinement center always taste better than own make one. Perhaps I would drink that in third trimester?  

But it is very hard to tell. 
I like to drink milk on day 1-3, then suddenly hate it on Day 4-6 then suddenly crave for it again on Day 7 .....

I also confuse with my diet/preference
It's literally ever changing. 
In short, I call it Baby's appetite. 

Because in the video below (at 0.52)
The doctor said 21 weeks baby's tiny tongue is quite developed. The baby is able to  taste the food that  I eat in ammniotic fluid

I used to like to eat dessert. I thought I still like to eat it now. Just now when WS bought this for afternoon tea, I actually ate ess than half of the cheesecake only. 

But it seems like baby likes to eat savoury 
Nowadays, for afternoon tea.....
I prefer something savoury like  asam laksa, mee siam, pasta.... something very Asian-flavoured food. 

Such as this delicious 
soysauce chicken with rice cooked with rice cooker 
by the Chef Wei Sheng. 

Very flavoursome, and salty...and I like it.
I think my baby likes it too. 

If I had this heavily flavoursome food during the first trimester, I might have vomitted cause of nausea. 

I keep telling WS, you should go back to your hometown and cook this to your parents. It is so freaking delicious! 

25th May 2022 - Week 21 Day 5- My baby wants me to sleep earlier

This experience is so funny (and worrying) that I have to share! 
I slept around 1am yesterday because my stomach was very bloated from eating nasi lemak (at quick pace) ...I was tired and sleepy too. 

Nonetheless, I don't feel comfortable lying on the bed at 11pm. 
Then, this morning I woke up feeling tired. 
and for the entire day...until before dinner. 

I can barely feel my baby moves
This is odd. Normally, my baby will move even when I was teaching in the morning. 

You know...
being a pregnant mom...
You will think a lot... when your baby is not responding when she usually does. 

So during the dinner time, I told my husband about this concern. 
My husband also talked a lot to baby, asking her to respond move....

She did not..... 
We asked her a lot kind of questions...
Is it because you are so comfortable sleeping cause today is a rainy day?  
Is it because you are sleepy? 

Then finally...
Like finally 
Response if you are not responding because your mummy sleeps late last night

Guess what....
I felt so relieved.....

My baby finally moves, 
A loud quick obvious kick to WS's ear (also now as I am typing this,

We both were like....
I tried my best for not laughing..... 
Is it really true that she understands what we said? 
Is it just that the baby was feeling so annoying that  we keep kacau-ing (disturbing ) her , asking her to respond, to kick, to move? 

Then WS gave me the look...
See the baby is asking you not to sleep late

Then we both like...cant stop laughing (and relieved at the same time)

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