February 28, 2009


up: before down: now(still with the implant)

down:december 2008

i begin my orthodontics since form 2,at hospital Kemaman.
1. checked in hospital kemaman
2. waiting for several months after getting the approval.
3.started the treatment,checked by the professional dentist again,doing a matrix of my tooth,taking X-ray
4.waiting for the next appointment,but i wonder why haven't the date is stated,after several months,my mom telephone and she was told that the dentist is transfer to other place,so there is not professional dentist in Terengganu.(the pro dentist come Kemaman once in a month)

thus,my mum ask the nurse if there is other faster way to carry orthodontics rather than waiting.later,i was trasfer to Kuantan,because there is an expert there.Still,have to do it all over again since the mould and the x-ray is keep in KT hospital(the authority told me like this).

1. checked by the pro dentist
2.waiting for the appointment(i think i had been wait for about 1 or 2years)
- during this period,my friend also had her orthodontics too,but she neeed not to wait,she go for private dentist's service. I had thought of go for private's service too,even went to the clinic that my friend recommended me to seek service.While,my mother and me were discussing wherther go for private or government.The first calling ringing.Yea,i started my treatment in government's clinic.

December of 2007- my mouth had been install the tools(the wire,the module and other dun-know name things)
before this,theres still lots of step need to follow like
- choosing which way to correct the tooth,i forgot the options that the dentist give me,i just remember between how many tooth need to pull out?which tooth?
option A- pull out the 虎牙,2 tooth,implant screw at the flesh of mouth's side
option B- pull out 4 tooth,need not implant screw

......due to care about my appearance, i choose the option A

i go for appointment every month or two months.

i still remember the most excruciating moment,it was before my mouth had been install the tools. Before installing the tools,the dentist input an unknown-things into my mouth,in order to creating gap between tooth so that it is easier to put all those tools later.
Since the dentist which in charge to put the unknown things was still undergo internship(the pro dentist was teaching her),she don't know the TECHNIQUE to implant it , she cant implant it properly or even fail to moulding it on to my teeth(she put it hardly),since the dentist was using sharp instrument to installing and it touch my flesh til cuts appear ,i cant feel the taste of blood,but it was totally excruciating(i don't know she was causing me the cut at the moment,i just know it after the treatment,when i saw in mirror),and i had stand it the first time,second times,third times.....what was running in my mind was be stationary so that she can implant it properly,finally i can't stand it,plusing i am nervous ,afraid since the started of the process,i burst into tears when the pro dentist wanna to implanting it AGAIN,because to me the process is excruciating , i am frightened and can't stand it anymore!!!

Fortunately,the pro dentist is experienced,he implant the unknown things into other side of my mouth. He just need one time to install it and its put properly and lesser pain,but still i can't stop of crying,its not about the pain,its about the feeling ,the feeling of facing the implantation . .......Luckily,after that times,not more excruciating ,just pain.

ps:continue next blogging,my sister is urging me that she wanna use computer.

this is me before the orthodontics too~~