April 18, 2017

Food review: Korean BBQ House Unlimited refill at only Rm 30

Hola,  it's eating time again! This time it got me a bit hype. I like to have buffet! There is this one Korean BBQ house located in The Strand , Kota Damansara which serve unlimited refilled buffet at only RM 30!!! How could you miss that?

Position at the very T-junction in one of the shoplots @ The Strand Kota Damansara. The parking there is ample as you can see. As the area is not very crowded, it is so convenient to come and just to eat!

Who would expect that little cozy corner here would have house such a deabak meal? There are several choices of shoju if you want too.

Our table, the waitress was setting up the steamboat set for us.

Viola! You get to have all of these UNLIMITED REFILL for only RM 30!!!

Just hand in the ice-cream stick to the waiter for the food that you want to refilled. I alone have tired the very savoury pancake for twice!

First, set up the steamboat, fill up with some Kimchi soup and cabbage for the sweetness. (No worry, all you need to do is just to sit down and wait for them to set up for you)

TOP: They also provide ramen and udon. Not only that, they provide white rice for the typical asian too!

BOTTOM: Daily side dishes! Yes, whatever you see here, you can always refill unlimited! I esp like the macaroni salad , green pea and the fried sweet potato. Choices of healthy greens are roll up to feed the healthy conscious you!

I reckon this restaurant is a great place to meet up and gather with some friends esp during the lunch or dinner time, the moment when everyone is hungry yet still want to talk.

Yea, for Kimchi lover. This is the Kimchi Shabu Shabu that you don't want to miss! And that succulent fresh slice of pork loin available at unlimited refill. You must try here if you are a heavy eater!

Noted the red round food on top of this picture? It was Kimchi pancake. It was the first time that i tried on Korean Kimchi Pancake and I like it soooo much! It doesn't taste only Kimchi, but savoury , salty, and so addicting.

And you no need to BBQ by yourself here. The waiters will serve the fresh hot BBQ slides pork belley and chicken fillet

Dip the pork belly with their in house sweet sauce, it's very appetising and refreshing. Not the usual spicy sambal that you expect.

and free ice-cream for the sweet tooth.

With the twins (twins because of their matching outfit) Sharon , Adeline and their boyfriends.

There is also another combo of RM 25 without the Kimchi Shabu Shabu. Everything in the RM 25 combo is more or less the same, but you can Shabu your pork loin without Shabu -shabu.  Anway, if you are not really into Shabu-shabu, this would suit you too.

Overall, their food and service is above average and with worthy Rm 30 as long as you get to finish it in 90 mins, it is so affordable and you should go for a try.

When is the great time? 
For a gathering over food. 

Til another adventurous satisfying food hunt! 

Normal Pack 
Kids Rm 15 | Adult Rm 25

Full Pack (With Kimchi Shabu-shabu)
Kids Rm 18 | Adult Rm 29.99 

Facebook Page: Korean BBQ House

Address: No.12 A-G, Jalan PJU 5/20B, The Strand, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya.
Contact: +603- 6142 7088 / +6018- 226 1889 (11am- 5pm)
Business Hour: Monday to Sunday 12pm-3pm, 5.30pm- 11pm

SETAPAK Korean BBQ House
Address: No. 1-22 PV128, Jalan Genting Kelang, Setapak, 53300 Kuala Lumpur. (Opposite Columbia Hospital)
Contact: +6018- 226 1889 (11am- 5pm)
Business Hour: Monday to Sunday 12pm-3pm, 5.30pm- 11pm

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