April 12, 2017

#12042017 The pain in my mouth (updated)


I have my left bottom widsom tooth extracted on Friday (21st April 2017) because I don't want to leave my second molar empty, so since I can't do RCT, will do only implantation lo. The doctor told me that it cost minimum Rm 2K if there is no extra treatment like cleaning of the spot (meaning if everything is healthy and fine, they no need to do extra protection on it.)

Even though the doctor was very professional, but somehow when I really lay on the dental bed I was still afraid of the doctor putting something into my mouth, esp knowing that he will pull out my wisdom tooth this time. It's widsom tooth , man!!!

I have learnt that pulling out any of the molar tooth is a terrifying experience because it's deep inside of your oral cavity, hence you need to adjust your jaw opening, which is actually quite sour. Because you literally did not feel anything inside the oral cavity as the part has been aneasthetic, the pressure when they want to pull out the tooth, they will press on your cheek ,right? That's when the pain begin.

Also , my body soften as I saw many gauze full with blood, without literally pain at all. Since they exert so much pressure on me, I cant do anything but feeling tense. I was thinking ....

To ease the tension in patient

1. The clinic could play some relaxing songs, music to calm the patient like me, cause all I did is only closed my eyes or staring at the ceiling only.

I have already mentally prepare to get swollen face after the minor surgery. The widom tooth extraction took about 30 mins, and the doctor did actually drilled away some part of my bone (jaw bone?? ) so that he could pull out the hidden wisdom tooth easily.

So this was what happen what the minor surgery.

As disgusting as you look at it, I actually admire the wholeness of my wisdom tooth. Hehe.  (Yeap, there is still a thin layer of tissue attached to the tooth)

After I clean away the blood of it. When I show this to my sister who is currently pursing dentistry, she said that it's cute! Which I actually agree too =D 

My dentist friend asked me to apply the ice pack immediately after the extraction. Put it for around 1 hour, it can effectively shorten the time and the size of swollen. I called this one ping pong scale of swollen.

And amazingly, I didn't take any painkiller after the second day. I can even eat fried mihun on second day. The only thing that have yet to recover is my jaw movement, I can't really open my mouth big and wide enough to bite on chicken.

The last time when I composed a Maple's dairy was started on 2 days after Christmas. It means that I have been really slack in updating. But anyway, won't stop blogging cause it's a platform where I document my personal experience and lifestyle.

Around 2 weeks ago, I started to exeprience on and off pain in my mouth, to be specific , it was in my lower left gum, under the one of the tooth, which is known as second molar.

source: pinterest

It's particular painful when I ate something, but then the pain only there when I was eating. Then it didn't pain anymore for about 1 week. But it somehow come back again with an increasing pain after that.

Then it was the time of my sis's convocation in UTAR. I stayed in my friend's hostel for a few days. She  also experienced intense pain in her tooth too. It was at this moment I realised I shouldn't overlook the pain in my ass.

3 days after that, my second molar literally cracked from just a little (from self observation) or bigger hole (from doctor's perspective) to something like sharp pointy ridge.

btw, the pic on the left isn't mine.

Everyday, I can't stop but keep on using my tongue to play with the pointy area.

Not longer since the crack, I started to experience intense pain in the area. The intense of pain when it happens was so horrible. You know sometimes when you experience the very horrible excruciating pain, you tend to think a lot. I even imagine myself t to bang myself into a wall, so that I will faint and feeling painless, or go to any nearest dental clinic and get an injection of aneasthetic.

Well, now that when I think back it's actually not that pain, it's the long period of 6-scale pain that terrify me. Cause even I had pained to tear, I didn't pain until cry. Anyway, having to said this, I would not want to experience this kind of intense discomfort anymore!

I was so pain I want to get the tooth to pull out. It disturbs me so much. It's also the first time I went to consult 3 doctors just to know what should I do (just realise there were another 2 doctors in between, so I consulted 5 doctors in total).

The very first one is a dentist from general dental clinic. I was so afraid I don't want to pluck the tooth out. So I walked out the clinic without doing anything, nor any information provided. (Doesn't know what is RCT - Root Canal Treatment that time)

The first doctor is Dr Ong from L&M Clinic Seapark. This is the first time I went to a private dental clinic, and actually have no idea what to expect. I told her my situation and she did an X-ray on me. Then as I continue to point out my problems (I also have another tooth on my upper left side that is pain whenever consuming something hot). Then she  just checked all the teeth. She pointed out I actually has 4 problems.

1. The major one- which is the one that I am saying now.
2. The upper left - pain when sense hot - could be due to nerve
3. The lower right wisdom tooth to be plucked out as I didn't clean it out properly.
4. The right top tooth started to decay already.

What do you feel when you hear this? I was like... My tooth condition is really that bad? I am so young, my teeth should be healthy by default. But truth to be told... it really does. It is then when I realised I didn't really taking good care of my oral cavity, teeth.

So people, if you think that your oral health is not important. Then you are wrong! I experienced it myself. Even though it's just a little tiny tooth, it affects me so much when it's pain.

Dr Ong really provided all the information needed, and even advise me to use dental floss which is better to use once in 2 or 3 days. From this experience, I feel like the biggest difference between general and private clinic is the dentist from general hospital will just get rid of the problems that you mentioned and no more done, and the dentist from private will tell you the problems before you realise it.

The second doctor is a dentist in my hometown Kemaman. He is experienced, helpful, but didn't really give me enough information on what should I do. He asked me want to prevent further pain or not, and I answered YES. Then he did temporary tooth filling for me, telling me that it could last for 1 or 2 months. Indeed, the tooth filling manage to stop the food to enter into the affected area, but it pain was still there.

It was when I started to use only my right side of teeth to bite and chew. Sometimes even swallow water can be painful. Luckily the pain wasn't there 24 hours. If not I will really go to get aneasthetic to numb myself. (Painkiller didn't really help)

Before moving to the third doctor. I actually went to UM hospital, hope that they can do something on it immediately. But it was afternoon, and they don't really doing extraction or any major treatment in the afternoon. the doctor which I seek also didn't tell me what I can do. =.= after 1 hour of waiting.

The third doctors were actually many dentists and dental students from UM. My second molar extraction was initially supposed to be carried out by a third year dental student. She gave me the aneasthetic injection, which I would say is really really very good. It's pain, not the ant tingly type of pain(as usual),  but she was quite gentle and careful. The dental student also encourage me to use mouthwash for oral healthThen I didn't know what happen. Cause I closed my eye during the extraction, seeing all those surgical tooth and the sound that was made in my mouth really frighten me up.

They used the first half hour to probe me a lot of questions. I don't mind actually. Just that it prolong my fear when I sat on the chair. And the position of the chair was not really comfortable for me also, they let me to sit upright instead of lying down, which I usually doesn't be treated that way. You know what I mean?

They were quite professional and really calm me down. Also, the lecturer dentist came and laid out all the possible options that I can choose, which I has been really looking for.

1. Extract + Implantation
2. RCT

She also explained the pros and cons for each of the treatment. RCT is better in my case, but I just want to end the pain faster, so I don't want to seperate it into a few different session for RCT to be done.  (In fact when I watch the RCT video in youtube, I thought that everything could be done in less than 1 hour)

Next...it's the TIME!! 

When is the occasion you tensed up without physically feeling the pain? 

I was so tensed seeing them took those surgical tools, which most of them looking sturdy and sharp and pointy, looking terrifying to me. And the pressure in pulling it out. 

Finally I have gone through the most difficult part. And beware, below are some of the disgusting pic of my second molar. 

 Apparently, the doctor used 2 times to pull the tooth out. The crown and the root.

 The black colour thing is the pulp.

And there goes my first journey of soft food consumption!
Breakie today 12th April 2017: 2 half boiled egg and a cup of room temperature milo. 

So what did I learn from this whole painful experience
1. It is very very important to take care of the oral cavity, dental health.
- Even the way you brush your teeth should be correct so that all those hidden corner can be free from food residue.

- I was introduced to use floss and mouth wash to get rid of bacteria.

2. Take good care of my retainer before it's too dirty.
- Get a new one when It's the time.

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