April 3, 2017


#77 My most frequently used cosmetic. 

There were still some other cosmetic in my another drawer, and skincare either in toilet or beside my bed! 

It's been sometime since I last wrote my maple's diary. Despite everyday is a day worth to jotted down. But today is extra worthwhile to jotted down. Writing this in Kemaman, my home sweet home feeling extra easy, cause I have my pillar of strength with me! 

I am craving for the strawberry Cheese Tart from Pablo. I cant deny the price is quite pricey Rm 50 for one big whole chunk. But I started to accept the idea that most of the Japanese Food never set their bench mark low. And to eat this once in a while, might harm my wallet, and it dramatically elevate my mood of the day!  Their Strawberry Cheese Tart is really something. I ate it while it fresh out from fridge in my home, and it was so satisfying! Fluffy, airy, soft and the strawberry with cheese medley... A must tried for strawberry lover. Even I am not a strawberry lover, I still love this deep deep. 

View my previous review of Pablo Cheese Tart here. 

I MAD LOVE THIS!!! CREME BRULEE, Okay, the name is Golden Brulee Cheese Pudding that is available to take away in fancy way! Fancy is not the main highlight. I mean I can conveniently have my creme brulee at home! The first person popped into my mind when I saw this is WS. He likes to eat creme brulee. Gotta share this with him!

#81  Canteen-sized ramen
Ate in a Japanese restaurant next to Pablo. Quite surprise to realise the ramen is like school canteen curry mee size. Anyway, it's fair and square , cause the price also half of the normal ramen size. 
(The highlight of this post is the ramen is half size of the usual and it's the first time I seen it like school canteen size)

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