April 11, 2017

Review: Neutrogena Deep Clean Set

Back to my own little space. Thanks to Bridge PR company, I got the chance to be part of #neutrogenasquad and get to review a few of their products!

They even customise the set to suit our skin type! I chose the hydrating set. Hence I got these..

Neutrogena started from the signature transparent amber soap (dermatologist tested) cater a lot of different purpose of skin. (hydating, brightening, acne, anti-aging).

Deep Clean Hydrating Cleansing Oil to Foam
Deep Clean Hydrating Foaming Cleanser
Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub 

I am going to review it one by one based on one week using experience. The first one is my favourite of all!  It is Hyrating Cleansing Oil to Foam. As I do make up sometimes, I am constantly looking for various different type of make up remover to use on different occasions like travel, sometimes just to remove the eyes and lips, or other time to remove the foundation and sunscreen on my face. The process of removing make up is quite tedious for me. After a tiring day out, I have to drag my body to remove the make up immediately.
The sturdy and transparent packaging with the dispensing cap really win my heart! And it's so convenient to use! 

When I got to know this hydrating cleansing oil to foam could remove make up, I cant wait to try it! And below is the result!

The name "Cleansing Oil to Foam" shows that you literally rub it on your dry face with dry hand before you wash it away using water. Confusing?  Continue to read on.

Unlike the name 'oil to foam' , it's actually a clear transparent gel inside. 

RUBBING TIME : Use your dry hands to put it on your dry face. Gently rub it on your face.

Verdict: Not to say it clean the make up effectively, as you can see in the photo below, there was still some black eyeliner/mascara smudge on my lower eyelid afterwards. But I am glad that it really does remove my other make up completely. See the results here!
Still some smudge below my left eye. 

But the Before& After pic without using any other make up remover. I am really happy with the result. It means I could remove my make up and wash my face at the same time if I was too lazy to wash for the second time! LOL. #youknowhowitfeelswhenurtired

Basically, I can go to bed after cleansing with Deep Clean Hydrating Cleansing Oil to Foam. But if you are very particular and want a second layer of cleansing with a more targeted function. Deep Clean hydrating foaming cleanser will do the job.

By the way, there is another siblings to this.

Brightening | Hydrating

blue ocean like texture comes with a pleasant scent that makes you feel refreshing and make your facial washing an enjoyable experience! Personally, due to my sensitive skin nature, I don't like any facial wash with fragrance. But my friends love the subtle scent, I guess it really depends on individual when it comes to fragrance.

TIPS here: When it comes to the word "Foam" cleanser or "Foam" whatever, MUST RUB IT until LATHER form on your palm before your apply it on your face. This is what I learnt a proper way to use the facial product.

Only apply the lather on your face. You DON'T RUB IT YOUR FACE for lather to form! You don't want to have wrinkle ,right? So don't rub everything on your face after all the make up which sometimes you have to pull the skin on your face. 
(Sometimes I feel so sorry to my face skin also, that's why it important to spent on your face, after all it's FACE is the first features that projected to poeple, YES? NO? )

Rinse with luke warm water after you massage your face in circular motion. I not sure if this happen to me or everyone, but the combine use of the first and foaming cleanser give me an instantly tight, squeaky clean, and baby soft skin I doubt it helps to remove the dead skin on my face or not.

Then  if you are on the look for Blackhead fighter. This blackhead eliminating daily scrub would help. It does eliminating the black heads on my nose gradually every time when I use it. I use it every alternatively with the foaming cleanser.

Hehe, I have used to the way of rubbing it into lather before applying on my face. Anyway, this is how it looks like, even lather can form on scrub.

Since it's a daily used scrub, it's a really fine granules with runny consistency. Focus on the area with black head such as inner cheek and nose, massage the area gently before you wash it off.  It removed some blackheads since the first usage, and gradually remove some other black head at every usage.

No matter who you are, whether you put on make up or not, it's important to keep on our face breathable before you sleep every night.  Overall, I like the deep cleansing, remove dead skin features of the products. Once again, thanks Neutrogena for keeping my skin happy 24/7!

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