May 14, 2017

the SAEM The Ham Eyeshadow Palette + Giveaway worth RM 125

Hola! Finally I am back with this Make up post! I always wanted to do some make up post, but the process of having some nice photos is not easy. Firstly, I am not a make up guru, nor am I good esp when it comes to colour. I personally feel like I am not as good as many beauty bloggers when it comes to eye shadow make up (I am weak in blending the colours together). I actually took a series photos make up tutorial, but ended up I decided to use only 6 pics of them, because the outcome is pretty ordinary.

Anyway, I want to talk about this eye shadow palette. When It comes to cosmestic, there are 2 things that I constantly looking for. The first one is eye shadow palette (because it has so many colours to create unlimited looks! ) and lipsticks/lips stain/rouge whatever that give colour to my lips.

I came across this pretty design eye shadow palette from . FYI, I was looking to add in some pinky blush hue, and matte hue into my collection. And this sleek design of eye shadow palette just fulfill whatever I wish!

Now, let see what I thought about The Ham Eyeshadow Palette, shall we?

The Ham Eyeshadow Palette has 9 colours of consisting of 4 matte colours and 5 shiny colours. (Cause I realise most eye shadow palette of easy carry size consistig only 1 matte and the rest of shiny, unless you bought the all range colours one.) The 3 dark hues will look fairer than what you see.Once you see the colour , you know that these are the colour for daily natural make up look.

TOP:|Before applying The Ham Eyeshadow
BOTTOM | After applying The Ham Eyeshadow

All the eyeshadows used on my eyes are from The Ham Eye Shadow Palette. Comparing the Before & After, you can see that the colour is actually quite highly pigmented. (I used 4 colours to create this look). 

Another detailed look into the eyeshadow. Don't you think that earthy-brown hue is so pretty? 

Since I always carry the palette with me, I use it to contour my face too. 

There are 2 ways for contouring. Use brush if you have.

The better way, apply simply using your finger.

And you can use the pink/orange hue as your blusher too!

Overall, below summarise my verdict towards The SAEM The Ham Eye Shadow Palette

What I like
1. 4 Matte colours and 5 shiny colours, all under one.
2. Sleek simplistic design, super thin and sassy!
3. Pink hues, earthy hues, orange-brownish hues.
4. Able to natural candid look into sweet look by using only the shadows inside.
5. Good to carry around. For contour, blush and shadow for that natural make up look.
6. That mirror! Easy to carry yet with the mirror big enough to squeeze in my entire face, so that I know how to adjust colour intensity to suit my whole face make up.

The downside
1. Since it has only 9 hues, considering so many other brands has a wide range of a particular hue. The colours here are not really comprehensive.
2. No brush attached. Either you have to use your fingers or your own brushes.

Good things are meant to share. So another 1 for the most desperate one.

Buying 2 sets because this is my thing and good thing is meant to share! So just a simple giveaway to share this to any of make up lover! Also, thank you for supporting me if you read my blog all these while. =D

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Print screen all the 3 photos as proofs that you have liked the required social accounts above. Send the 3 photos to my FB page @Maple's diary. And Viola! You just have to wait til 29th May 2017 to know whether you are the lucky one! Will announce the winner on my Facebook page so stay tuned yea!


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