May 21, 2017

Beauty Review: Mamonde Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner

So, today will be about an liquid eyeliner from the recent Korean Brand inspired by Flowers and their ambassador is none other but the famous goddess actoress Park Shin Hye! Alright, I am just going to make this post simple and short.

The simple packaging of Mamonde Liquid Eyeliner, comes with a box .

Without further a due, let's find out what I feel about Mamonde liquid eyeliner.

1. Make your eyes look bigger instantly
 Mamonde eyeliner comes in only one colour, it's super pitch black kind of colour. Some might like it, some would prefer brown, because it soften your fierce eyes. Anway, the picture below, right after I applied it, it make my eyes become biggers in a prettier way instantly. Well, let's judge then.

When I put on black liquid eyeliner, the outcome turns out quite dramatic! 

Okay, perhaps, it's too close to judge. Now, another zoom out look .
Right? It makes my left eye look bigger, and more attractive immediately. 

Well, if you think it's still too close to compare. Here's the final one for you to compare. 
Viola! That's the reason the first cosmetic that I bought is eyeliner. That magic. 

2. Dry out super fast
 It's quite wet when you first apply it. So avoid blinking your eyes until it drys out completely. But no worry, you just need to wait for 10 seconds (or more or less) to let it dry out completely, then you will own the very dramatic bigger eyes by only using the liquid liner. 

3. Pointy tip make it easier to draw your desired dramatic or minimalistic eye look 

Inspired by the butterfly project party, how everyone thoughtfully dress up themselves, and their -meticulous galaxy, fairy-tales make up, I decided to try on it too. So, the result of different intensity of big and small dots on my face is actually coming from Mamonde liquid eyeliner with their fine pointy tip. Thus, you can go dramatic or go natural, makeup-less with that one eyeliner.

A little too excited, so kept on experimenting with other cosmetics that I got from the goodie bag.
Nice or not? 

4. Smudge-proof
 I drew a chinese character on my hand, and tried to rub to see whether it will smudge or not. I am quite satisfied with the result because IT DOESN'T SMUDGE AT ALL, it's either tear down after several harsh strokes which is fine, because I will never harshly rub my eyes like that.

5. Water proof & Easier to remove

I am quite happy when I see the word water proof, because water proof eyeliner tend to associate with easier to remove make up. Of course, adding water and rub your eyes only make it much more difficult to remove, because it's written WATER PROOF mar~~ 

So I use eye makeup remover to gently wipe over my eyelids, and this was how it removed. Easy, very clean and no smudge. 

The reason I emphasize on easier to remove water proof eyeliner, because it's very hard to remove eye shadow because first wipe will usually cause smudge, then you will continue with the second wipe, third, forth, fifth...until the smudge completely gone. Hence, easier to remove also means easier to put on because it save me trouble to remove it! Bet frequent make up junkie cant agree more with this. 

So what do you think ?
Let me know whether my this post provide you the necessary information, okay?

Price: Rm 39

Available in Black & Brown
Size: 4ml

Where to get it : 
Mamonde beauty counters in
AEON One Utama
AEON Bukit Indah
AEON Mid Valley
AEON Tebrau City
 AEON Queensbay Mall

11 Street 
 (Yea, Mamonde will have their official e-store starting 15 May. So now you can buy Mamonde online too! )


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