October 5, 2015

Filipino Fusion in Pancake House

Be surprise to see wide array of Western and FIlipino fusion cuisine here in Pancake House. Yea, despite the name pancake house, you can still expect something more than Pancake!

From western food like Burger, to Filipino local delicacies like Milkfish (Tinapa), to Mexican Food Best Taco in Town that is yet complimented with a lot of refreshing juice or hot coffee/chocolate/ tea of your choice.

If there is something that you couldn't miss in from Pancake house, it would be their House Burger & the lemon pancake!! High recommended!

Well, let's see the food that being served to us on the day =D

House Burger RM 21.05 

THis burger gotta be my utmost favourite from Pancake house. It is simply tasty, flavoursome that I eaten it for 1 quarter. (That is a lot gosh~~~ )

I actually do not like to eat beef. However beef nowadays seem a lot tender than the original beef (like beef steak). The homemade beef patty is tender, succulent, and savoury, sandwiched together with the salty cheddar cheese. This is so western way of eating them. But Tasty!!! It could  compete with a lot of burger shop.

I cant have enough of them. The side view of them.

 Smoked Golden Tinapa RM 26.60

Tinapa is a  Filipino term that refers to fish cooked or preserved through the process of smoking. It is a native delicacy in the Philippines. (Source from Wikepedia). The fish used to smoked here is milk fish. According to manager, milkfish is known to have more bone than other food fish. Hence it is common to find deboned milkfish/bangus in Filipino. Likewise, the milkfish used in Pancake house here, was imported from established supplier, and has been deboned to ease the eating experience of the patrons. 

 Daing Na Bangus RM 26.60

Daing Na Bangus simply means marinated milkfish in vinegar, garlic and peppercorns.  If Golden Smoked Tanapa taste smoking briny, then it might appear to be less salty but more to sour. Also note that both the bangus dishes served with transparent gravy with garlic inside. You must tried the gravy!! It is a bit sour, but flavoursome at some extend. 

Perhaps most Malaysians are accustom to the salty dishes. All of us on the table like the Smoked Tinapa when compare with  Daing Na Bangus, that has undergo Filipino way of curing. 

 Classic Pan Chicken
2 psc chicken RM 16.60
3 psc chicken RM 17.70

Deep fried pan chicken served with homemade gravy and the aromatic garlic rice. Although the chicken itself has it own taste already, but for those who prefer to have a heavy savour, yes, dip your chicken with the homemade gravy, not sure if Filipino is like that or not.

Beef Tapa RM 21.05
Stir-fried Australian strip loin that is marinated. Also noted that all the rice serving here are aromatic garlic rice. This is more to common, and suitable for those looking for comfort food. 

Southern Maple Chicken RM 21.05 

Best Taco in Town Rm 15.45

Something mexican in Pancake house! The crispy taco contained chicken chunks, lettuce , tomato , onion and cheese, seasoned with a sour secret sauce and Tuna Macaroni Salad as side dish. 

Asparagus Cayenne Soup RM 6.55

Milky and cream asparagus soup with  a dash of mild spicy cayenne powder on top. It's fulfilling and satisfying.As it's quite fulfilling, we didnt manage to finish the soup, as we still have a lot more dishes to go. 

For those who wonder how it taste like, imagine that it has thick texture like mushroom soup, but taste asparagus instead of wild mushroom. 

Club Sandwiches RM 19.90

Frankly, I feel like every single dish in Pancake house is so exclusive. This include the Club Sandwiches that can be  found elsewhere. I have eaten some other club sandwish in other restaurant. But the ingredients in this sandwiches are so much extra, and the toasted bread. Another choice of comfort food!

 Next, it's dessert time! Of course Pancake House cannot be without pancake.

Lemon Pancake Peak RM 17.70 

I like this soooo much!!! Several layer of lemon pancake stacked together by secret lemon creamy, and enchance the eating experience. To some extend, it taste like Lemon Cheese Cake! Only in Pancake house =D

Blueberry Pancake RM 16.60

For BLueberry lover. The best way to savour this Blueberry Pancake is to eat the blueberry jam, pancake and the vanilla ice-cream together.

Waffle Foldover RM 14.35

Pancake house Also serving double guilty vanila ice-cream on their crispy pancake , suitable for sweet tooth family that cant have enough of dessert. Eating the pancake quickly after it served would ensure the crispiness of the pancake. 

Halo Halo Rm 11.00

Shaved ice with milk, sweet corn kernels, yellow sweet potato, caramelise banana, fresh jackfruit strips, topped with homemade custard, with a scoop of  yam ice-cream atop. 

Latte Rm 11.00
Vienna Coffee Rm 11.00
Hot Chocolate Rm 7.70
Vanilla Milkshake RM 11.00
Cucumber-Green Mango Frosties Rm 8.80
Chamomile Tea Rm 8.80

It has 5 different flavours to suit personal perferences. (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, yam, or banana). Also , it's additional Rm 1.15 if you prefer the milkshake to be thicker. 

Overall, I like the food here , it is so exclusive, and the creative innovation of  Idiosyncratic Filipino cuisine here. Yes, you can found Filipino and Pancake here in Pancake House! 

Pancake House
Quill City Mall
G-05 & Al-Fresco 3A, 
No 1018, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-2856 0635

Opening Hour: 
10am - 10pm

Wifi available

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