October 1, 2015

Hua Hin + Bangkok Trip Itinerary September 2015

My itinerary in Thailand   from 24th Sept to 28th Sept 2015

Day 1

6.20pm- Reach Don Meuang Airport (2hours)
7.30pm- Depart to Damnoen Saduak , 
9.30pm- Dinner in Amphawa
10.30pm- Checked in to Ban Sabuy Chainam a very nice homestay!! 

8.30am –Damnoen Saduak Floating market
1.00pm – Lunch- Hua Hin
2.30pm – Santorini Park (50THB) + Camel Republic too bad raining + renovation =(
             _ Plearnwan 
6.30pm-  HuaHin Night Market, Tid Tarad Hostel Hua Hin

Day 3 

9.00am – Headed to Bangkok
12.00 pm - Lunch in Bangkok Safari World (9000THB/person, lunch, entrance fee is included)
12.30pm - Safari World Bangkok 
5.30 pm – Chocolate Ville
7pm- Checked in First House HOtel, Dinner, Walk around Pratunam market

Day 4 

8.30am- Buffet Breakfast in Hotel
11am – Chatuchak weekend market
4pm- Erawan Shrine , Central World, 
7pm - Walking back to hotel (First HOuse Hotel ), dinner en route
9pm - Pratunam night market

Day 5

8.30am - Pratunam Morning Market + Breakfast
10.30am-Depart Don Mueng Airport
11am- Reach Don Mueng Airport
1.10pm- depart to KLIA2

Travel Expenditure

From KLIA2 >>> Don Meaung Airport    Malindo        RM 494.50
From DOng Meaung Airport >>>; KLIA2    Airasia       RM 1413. 66

Transport during the travel

Places that I wish to visit in the future

1. Ayuttaya
2. Bangkok Grand Palace
3. Asiatique (& stay near Asiatique)
4. Tiger Temple
5. Rod Fai Market Srinakarin (bigger, original, 20.7km from Pratunam)
6. Rod Fai Market Ratchada (based in Bangkok city, 7.7km from Pratunam)
7. Cabbage and Condom restaurant  (sit alfresco area, night dinner)
8. CHiang Rai White Temple. 

4. Cicada market (Fri- Suny 4pm -11pm)
5. Amphawa floating market  (Sat - Sun, visited noon - Sunset, 50THB for join tours)
6. Bang Noi floating market
(stay in Ban Sabuy Chainam)

Other places of suggestion , that I got from our chauffer driver.

Getting there

  1. Road Fai Market Ratchada (source from Bangkok.com)
-7.7km from Pratunam Market
-located directly behind Cultural Centre MRT Underground Station.
-17:00-24:00 (Thursday-Sunday)
-Tel: +66 (0)92 713 5599

2. Rod Fai Market Srinakarin Soi 51 (source from Bangkok.com)

  • 20.7km from Pratunam market
  • Opening Hours: 17:00 - midnight (Thurs-Sun)
  • Location: Srinakarin Road Soi 51 (behind Seacon Square)
  • BTS: On Nut (closest station but still requires a taxi journey)
  • TelSrinakarin Rot Fai Market: +66 (0)8 1827 5885, +66 (0)8 6126 7787, +66 (0)8 1732 8778, +66 (0)8 1752 5588, Ratchada Rot Fai Market: +66 (0)92 713 5599

Wifi/Mobile Data

Since we travelled on our own. I would prefer to have online access anywhere I go. Hence it's a lot convenient if you buy a thailand local SIM card. It only cost 290THB that last for one week. 

When I first step out from arrival hall in Don Meaung Airport,the shop that selling SIM card is right outside, turn right then you will see the shop. 

Hence, I will have a thai local number that I can call to any hotel, theme park, tour driver for booking, enquiries, reservation. Also, this package allow unlimited online. With only 1 SIM card, 5 of the mobile phones shared the internet data together. It's so smooth, the instagram pictures load immediately, and the instagram video also uploaded in no time. Basically, if there is one mobile phone stream video, the other 4 mobile phones were still working well.

Problem: I was here on January 2015, my friend who is an Iphone user bought the SIM card, she can use the mobile data, but she can share the hotspot to us, the Android phone user. 


POwer outlet in Thailand country. It's a two prong bladed plug. So if you device's plug doesnt match with the power outlet. Bring a universal adapter and an extension socket! So that everyone can charge their electronic device using the Malaysian adaptors. 

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