October 1, 2015

Private Driver/Chauffer/Transport in Bangkok-Huahin-Pattaya

It's quite common nowadays for Malaysians to travel to Bangkok, Huahin & Pattaya. I just backed from my Thailand trip last week. And here I would like to compile some of the information that I have gotten. I have been searching online for hours just because of the transport.

And it's quite common to rent a private car tour in Bangkok. I have used it during
1. The tour in Huahin
2. From Huahin to Bangkok
3. Bangkok tour (Bangkok Safari World, Chocolate Ville)
wish to go Ayutthaya , Bangkok Grand Palace in the future. 
4. Pratunam Hotel to Don Meuang Airport

You can click here for the travel itinerary of us in 5 days. =D

Anyway, the quotation below is just a reference.

Passengers: 5 adults

Date: September 2015

1. Golden Thai Agency

(Don Muang Airport >>> Damoen Saduak )

3000THB - 10 hours only
From Amphawa to Hua Hin & Full day Tour in Hua Hin

Charged 200THB for extra hour

Thailand Contact number:
Mobile1: +66816319621
Mobile2: +66885068466
Tel: +6621004675 Fax: +6621004675

3. Hua Hin Transfer

Charge: Don Muang Airport >> Amphawa homestay : 2650 THB

Facebook page:


4. Hua Hin Taxi Online

Toyota Camry
Charge:Don Muang Airport >> Amphawa homestay : 3000 THB

5. Mr Roongsayam

Charge:Don Muang Airport >> Amphawa homestay : 2500 THB
Thailand Contact number:(+66)0811915017

6. P.L. Smile Co., Ltd

charge: Don Muang Airport >> Amphawa homestay : 2500 THB

Thailand Contact number:


 0871586113 (Thai local number)

Facebook page: 

7. Mr Yo Tour

Charge: Don Muang Airport >> Amphawa homestay : 2500 THB
Line: Mr.  Yo Tour
Contact number: +66   98478 9826

8. Taxivip999

travel with Toyota Innova
Charge: Don Muang Airport >> Amphawa homestay : 1500 THB
Line: Taxivip999

9.  Mr K

10. Ms Koy

The driver Koy is a female, she speaked simple and understandable English.
She would also gave advise on the attraction in Bangkok, Huahin . 

Charged 700THB from Pratunam area to Don Meuang Airport

Charged 2500THB on our entire day 3 journey. That is 

 Hotel in HUa Hin Night Market>>>Bangkok Safari World, which is located in northern part of Bangkok (36km from Pratunam Area) >>> Chocolate Ville>>>Checked in Hotel in Pratunam area

Ms Koy can speak slightly better than basic English, she will also guide us when we need some ideas of where to go too =D 

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