October 22, 2015

Beauty Review: Skin Soul Natural Volume Attack Mascara

Thanks to Skinsoul for the beauty product, now I have one more mascara to add into my beauty collection. Before anything let me has a brief introduction about the brand Skin Soul.

Skin Soul is a Malaysian brand, developed by it's founder Dr Joaane Au Yong. The products of Skin Soul's are aim to suit to even the most sensitive skin ever, hence Skin Soul products is

1. 100% Paraben free and lead free. 
An ingredient Ashitaba replace the role of Paraben in perservative. Ashitaba 明日葉 also create a stable microbe-resistant formula safe for the most sensitive skin. I searched online, Ashitaba has wholesome level of Vitamin B12, and Chalconoid, a natural phenol has shown anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti- bacteria and anti-tumor properties. 

2. Only most organic sources of Ashitaba are selected

3. The aqua use in their product is the Swiss Glacial Water. 
Swiss Glacial water is one of the natural source of mineral water, hydrating and has many other positive effect on our skin.

4. Skin Soul Aesthetic Cosmetics
is free from mineral oils and animal derived ingredients. Each of the products was formulated in different countries. Like the mascara today was formulated in Italy.


Now, talking about the Mascara, what make this so special from any other mascara is that it could help to promote the growth of your eye lashes!

How the mascara help to promote the growth of eye lashes?
Natural Mulberry Extract in the mascara help to boost the immune system, and it can increase the performance of kidney and liver detox, anti-oxidants , accerelate healing and so on. The theory of mulberry helps to lengthen the eye lashes in a way it promote the metabolism hence it rejuvenates hair folliciles, promote hair growth and prevents hair fall.

Alright, now let's see my results after 10 days of using Skin Soul Natural Volume Attack Mascara =D

I purposely apply mascara to my right eyelashes after 3 days my left eye applied. This is because I can see the difference myself without looking into the photos 10 days before and after. 

On my third day, I feel the effect is quite dramatic, (you might couldn't see it here, I observe into mirror almost every night ler.Also avoiding the technical error like taken with different angle). Scaring later after 10 days , my left eyes is would be inbalance with right eye, so I started to apply to both my eye after 3 days. 

So, here you can obviously see that my left eyelashes is longer a bit than my right eyelashes. 

 Right eye: After 9 days of mascara application. My eyelashes has lengthen about 30% - 50%. certain spot like eye lashes near the pilca semilunaris only grow 30% because it's  the place that I always ignore when I am in rush. So you can really see the dramatic effect on the middle part of eyelashes.

 Left eye : Previously, the root of eye lashes is think and only thin as the eyelashes curve outward, but now my eyelashes was growing, lengthening, volumizing. The biggest difference that this happen is I found it easier to reach the root of eye lashes , and I can apply the mascara more evenly since the lengthening of my eyelashes.


I learnt that some of those with long eyelashes hardly see the difference. But those with normal length of eyelash like me can sense the difference. Initially I can feel the dramatic difference, but as time passes by, I guess my eyelashes is become longer so could hardly sense the different. Also, because I believe that the mulberry extract will helps in growing my eyelashes, so I apply the mascara from the root of eyelashes, and curve outward. Apply this everyday, you can see the difference 3-5 days later. =D

Product details

Country of origin: Italy
Expired date: 6 months
Price: RM 195

online purchase through Dr Jo's Lab

Skin Soul outlet at the following places

Pavilion KL
Midvalley (LG 077)
Metrojaya Mid Valley
IOI City Mall
Parkson Holiday Plaza Johor
1st Avenue Penang 

For enquiries:  +603 – 6205 3848 / +603 – 6205 3878

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