October 17, 2015

Ban Sabuy Chainam, Like A VIP in Amphawa Homestay overlooking River Meklong

This homestay is for Thai Residents only. 

10 moo.2 rongheap Bangkontee Samut Songkhram 75120, Amphawa, Amphawa (Samut Songkhram), Thailand 

Booked through Agoda

A continue post from my Bangkok trip Day 1. 

We stayed in Amphawa district,  in the Province of Samut Songkhram. We stayed here because we were going to the floating market right after this. That would be our first attraction in Bangkok-HUahin  (BHV) vacation.  

This post would be dedicated to the most wonderful accomodation during our BHV. Our accomodation for the first night is a homestay named Ban Sabuy Chainam. This homestay is for Thai Residents only by the way. 

Fish eye lens given from my friend!! 

The bed itself is a bit hard, but the blanket is soft and fluffy. Overall, it's a pleasant slumber the night before. 

 Not only it's a vintage wooden house (that help to mediate the extreme temperature), our homestay overlook the River Meklong.

 Bathroom is simple, new and functional. Water heater working well.

Room equipped with TV, Fridge, Table and chair. Wardrobe and mirror. It's a simple room anyway. But the best thing is we have the entire house by our own!

Say hi to River Meklong!! DO you realise there is one small river branches in the middle of the picture. It is where Bang Noi floating market held every weekend. (Click the pic to enlarge see it)

 The morning view from our room.

Night view is equally mesmerizing , extra breezy and relax.

 The outlook of our room, just look like those in beach. I told you , the facility here is quite comprehensive. Wifi is working fast as well.

The homestay itself has an extended deck, that is big big plus point! And the deck is so clean, you can see any of the dirt or dust on the wooden plank. 

 The outlook of our homestay. Wooden, Vintage. Breath-taking.

 And I soon understand why the deck is so clean. I guess is there is someone who mop the floor everyday. The owner really always maintain the homestay at tip-top condition. In term of facilities, cleaniness, functionality , and all these really satisfied us. That the fatigue of us of the previous night travelling the whole day was fully recovered after the good night slumber

The living room which we obviously didnt use it. Cause we need to go floating market soon after our breakfast. 

Talking about the breakfast, our stay here come with breakfast too! It's not an ordinary breakfast, but a superb breakfast by the local. 

Our breakfast is delicious pork belly soup and rice. A soup rice with a lot of lovely condiments. that each of the condiments is best complement the meal. 
 the boss really thinking for her guest. Because even from a small napkin that is layered on the food to maintain the hygience that prompt me appreciate from the bottom of my heart.

 Where we have our breakfast.

 We were not only have the superb soup rice for our breakfast, we have bread, and some hot beverage like yao cha gui , coffee, chocolate drink too.

But we didnt' eat the bread lar, the soup is everything , and we can have bread in Malaysia too. 

 I was so happy for everything, I kept taking photos only. An impromptuos good mood flying high...

 A really really bless to eat great breakfast in family members overlooking such pretty landscape. (too bad there were still 2 of other not here)

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