October 11, 2015

Hua Hin/Bangkok Day 1

Hi! thanks to you whoever drop by here. This is a post where I will post about the Kok Family Day 1 in Bangkok trip recently during the birth of Agung holiday. This post is mainly to chronicle our day 1 moment here. Let the journey began~~~ 

Day 1 (24th September 2015)

6.20pm- Reach Don Meuang Airport (2hours)
7.30pm- Depart to Damnoen Saduak , 
9.30pm- Dinner in Amphawa
10.30pm- Checked in to Ban Sabuy Chainam

Basically, that's nothing to highlight in this post. But I took a lot of photos, you know you will get so excited on the first day easily. So yea, this would be a photo post rather than a decent blog post =D 

 Magnificient sky photo by Kok Kean Heng.

Mine, taken using my camera.

First, I saw the paddy field, then thousands millions of litthe houses before the enchanting city night view.

Upon touched down in Don Muang International Airport.

Our driver, Kai was already there by the time we stepped out of International arrival hall. FYI, we used the service from Golden Thai Agency, as their rate is the cheapest after I compared about 5 different agencies/tours.

Okay, now let us greet you in Thai =D

we were chauffered in this Toyota Innova , that is enough to fit 5 adults. =D 

The Golden Thai Agency charged us 1500 THB from Don Muang Airport to a homestay in Amphawa (a town famous for floating market). and additional 200THB for 1 hour extend. As he waited us to finish our dinner. So the total transport fare for first day was 1700THB.  Checked the contact number of the agency here. 

Also , the first thing that we did upon reaching Bangkok was to buy a Bangkok telephone card, so that we can online anytime, and to called Thailand number easier.  We spent 290THB for the telephone card, I forgotten how much the credit inside, but we didnt manage to finish the credit. But unlimited internet browsing was really so convenience!

With only 1 SIM card, 5 of the mobile phones shared the internet data together. It's so smooth, the instagram pictures load immediately, and the instagram video also uploaded in no time. Basically, if there is one mobile phone stream video, the other 4 mobile phones were still working well.

er...found this English exercise book belongs to the driver, in the car. He is learning English so take it's easier to communicate with tourist ler~~ 

Woohoo~~ I like bling bling photos. We asked the driver to stop us for dinner. And this is the place. I didnt jotted down the name of the restaurant, because it's written in thai, I don't even know how to read also.

The days in this journey also marked the moment when the boys drank the beer while having dinner. Like every dinner also will ordered beer. Actually, my youngest bro didnt drink lar, he just took photo only.

The dinner cost us about 780THB only, with beer included. 

Yes! Reaching our beloved homestay!! Tell you its the most satisfy accomodation that I have ever stay throughout mylife! This homestay basically satisfied each single of us. And I will for sure stay here again when I want to come for floating market. I don't even want to making a one day trip to floating market only, I want to stay here! 

Okay, we stayed in Ban Sabuy Chainam. Review would be up in the soonest time 

First impression for this homestay is that the view is so magnificient, breezy and transquil. Normally when I came to a new environment, a strange environment, I feel insecure. but this place literally just make everyone of us feel easy, relax. 

All of us lie down on the wooden balcony without the fence. Just LIE DOWN, it's so clean. watching over the moon, and star in this breezy night after hours of travelling.

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