May 30, 2009


although my cousin may not see this article,but i still wanna say


to her.

wat an ironcally, i just started studying,she was finish her programme and gratuated already.
(note:we are both the same age)

the programme she took was direct to the skill and i think she could started earning money by now.
....really ironic,how great if i can earn money now too.

actually,wat is the significance of studying form6 tat is seem not direct to studying the stuff we are going-to -be in the future?
i keep asking this question myself recently,esp i heard lin wei said
"u cant to sth perfunctory if u are going to be a doctor as doctor's passion is going to save ppl life"

and then i thinking back as i am a careless person,can i still be a....... DOCTOR?

if i cant be a doctor? can i be a........dancer?