June 29, 2017

Wanderlust Things: Unicorn Face Makeup Brushes

Hola!! This purple-ish post will be filled with unicorn-inspired make up brushes from Wanderlust Things! As you might have known, I got this very very girlish, dreamy unicorn Face Makeup Brushes thanks to the Butterfly Project during their 4th Birthday celebration. I even make a video of unboxing what do I have in the goodie bag.

Hence, am going to talk about 2 things in this post.

1. My thought on the make up brushes

2. Wanderlust Things
  (Seriously, their website is so pretty , and selling really wanderlust-y things that you cannot miss! I am even thinking to buy their ice-cream bag or not. Will talk more later. )

These brushes really fulfill the craving of my inner girl la , not only of it rainbow appearance, but it is also fully-functional and the bristle doesn't take off easily, as you can see from the photo above. The bristle is soft and it is gentle while swiping it on my face too!

The price of this 5-piece Unicorn Face Makeup Brush set is Rm 89. It comprises of powder brush, foundation brush, contour brush, highlight brush (the smallest one) and blush brush.

I did an unboxing video here, and talked about the Makeup brushes too (starting from at 6.21 mins)

This one is actually cream foudation brush, but who cares, I use it to higlight too! 

The unicorn-ly rainbow colour bristle is a love at first sight. Do you feel the same too? Fret not, no unicorn was harmed in the making of the makeup brushes. If you are looking for eye brushes. there is another set of eye brushes available at Rm 89 too. 

So here's the good news for all of you who reading this! You can get 10% discount by merely quote "BUTTERFLY 56" if you want to own them! Seriously, 10% means a lot though, by using the quote you can get it at Rm 80.10. Not only that,  you can buy anything on wanderlust things but not only limited to the brushes, okay~~

And the second thing is you cannot NOT Visiting their site if you are a wanderlust or if you have soft spot for beautiful vanity like me. One of the best items from Wanderlust Things is their mermaid blanket. So vain, yet so in love with it! Not only that, check out their website. For a very long time, I like every SINGLE item sold inside , which is why I reckon you should visit too, since you already spend time to read up to this point, hahaha.

Their homepage.

The reason that I feature their homepage here in my blog because their homepage already calling the inner girl in me, and I literally click on every single link there. Luckily there are not so much pages. Mainly it's photos and the blog part.

I would see wanderlust is a Japanese shop if I didn't know they are from Malaysia. Because mostly Japanese pay extra effort to produce extricate scissors like this!

Wanderlust Things give me a feeling that they are selling functional things with the vanity are being taken into serious consideration too. Don't you think so? The things are the things I would source from if I am going to have my own workplace because of the same reason.

This notice-me handbag would simply caught anyone's attention. Even when you put on the plain-est mono-colour t-shirt on you. It will still shine like a diamond. 

Apparently one of their best selling. Mermaid blanket at Rm 89 too.

That's it for the wanderlust things exploration. You can always go to their site for more visual indulgence or purchase from them to make it your own. Til then! Don't forget to watch my video too!

Wanderlust Things

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  1. Best unicorn face makeup and you have an amazing violet mermaid.


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