June 18, 2017

The Butterfly Project Malaysia 4th Birthday Unboxing Party

Little did I notice that I have been with The Butterfly Project for 4 years since the beginning. I still remember the first activity that I join was the Travel to Sunway Lost World of Tambun in Ipoh! and I really worked super hard in a the most creative way available to get the a spot on it.

Fast forward to 4-year's today, I am glad that I am still with The Butterfly Project, a Malaysian based beauty blogger community that taking care of their fellow caterpillar, butterflies.

The Butterfly Project founded by a beauty blogger, Tammy Lim who blog responsibly. Throughout the 4 years, The Butterfly Project has organised a lot of blogger events and continue to inspire a lot of the new and existing bloggers.

The 4th birthday celebration of this lovely beauty community held at Hello Deer in Damansara Utama  started with buffer time giving every fellow bloggers to catch up with each other, and then took photos together. Let's see what I've got in my camera.

FIrst, we had a warm welcome by Dee Leonard.

It's been awhile since I last took photo!

With Dainty Dash Beauty, who is an  arising beauty youtuber in Malaysia.

After that, we had birthday box unboxing session with Sydney. While she was guiding us what's inside the goodie bag, we also busy unboxing and kept "wow, wow, wow" with what we've found inside.

Thank you so much Tbe Butterfly Project Malaysia. I made a youtube video of unboxing the goodie bag and a simple review on certain products. Click here and here to view it!

After that it was time for us to enjoy the food. The delectable arrays of desserts, and food.

Looking delicate and the food was yummy! 

There was also a photobooth from GNG Photobooth studio for to spice up the environment. They even sent the photos taken instantly to my email.


ALright, aside from attending people. How could we not catch up with each other.

Sharon Lee,  congratulations on your recent wedding. So happy for you!
Esther Lai, been some time since I last meet her. I can talk a lot to this lass the whole day if we sit together!
Alisa Zara, a very friendly and helpful girl.

With Nicole Yie, a unicorn-ly figure in the party. Seriously, her galaxy theme make up inspired me to enhance my make up skill , and create more make up look!

Okay, I shall end this blogpost here. If you want to look for more photos of the party. Feel free to click here.

Watch my unboxing video too!


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