June 26, 2017

Neutrogena's Stylo Fashion Debut with Kittie Yiyi & Hazzer Wan Lee

Have you ever thought about having fashion show in line with a skin care brand?  Neutrogena Happy Skin 24/7 introducing it's fashion collection through the brainchild of  2 aspiring local fashion designer, Kitte Yiyi and Hazzer Wan Lee, because the Happy Skin 24/7 collection interprets the happy mood that one exudes with healthy, great-looking skin. 

The event commenced by having registration at the Ground Floor in the newly opened shopping mall KL Gateway which located next to LRT station Universiti. 

The guest were served with wine and some delicious fingers foods while enjoying the brief view of latest BMW series. These cars are only part of them.

After that, the guest and members of media were ushered to the happening venue. Prior entering into the fashion hall, the guest were invited to explore in the various products of Neutrogena, the longstanding skin care brand recommended by dermatologist.

One of the latest innovation from Neutrogena. Dual cleansing oil to Foam with 3 different needs : Normal skin, Brightening and Hydrating purpose.

Click the video below from Neutrogena Malaysia to get the sum up of the event!

And the video below are the fashion collection from the 2 fashion designers Kittie Yiyi and Hazzer Wan Lee, one of the aspiring fashion designer with his own fashion lable - HWL

I entered late into the hall, hence I couldn't capture from the nice angle. Thank you Freda Foong for allowing me to use her video here~~ 
Kittie Yiyi’s collection is inspired by an cheerful , infectious beach girl. Hence you could see flowly, carefree comfy loose-fitting which bring out the cheerful in you. and her notice-me vibrant colour featuring flared silhouettes, ruffles , stripes flaunts the beach girl's confidence with her youthful, transparent details. 

Kittie Yiyi's  collection clearly demonstrate her motto “Whatever you decide to wear, make sure it makes you happy!” which is also what the No 1. Dermatologist recommended brand, Neutrogena trying to advocate- Happy Skin 24/7 with Neutrogena. 

I like this letter-pattern off-shoulder top + matching long pants the most! As much as the apparel is not as colour as the rest, It exudes a steady flow of confidence, showing your skinny silhouette.

Hazzer’s fashion collection is inspired by the dynamic movement of  water splash. It is created to symbolise the idea of Neutrogena Deep Clean range of cleansing product. Hazzer's collection incorporate  fluid lines, cascading layers to bring out the beauty and the water dynamic in the colour of blue, green, orange and pink. It were all such a delicate, and careful piece of design. Exuding inner strength inside out which closely related to the beauty skin inside out of Neutrogena skincare products too. 

If you want to know the product reviews about Neutrogena Deep Clean set. You can view it HERE

Group photo of the key people for the successful Neutrogena Happy Skin 24/7 X Mercedes Benz STYLO Asia Fashion Festival 2017 

From left to right: Ashley Goh, Assistant Brand Manager of Neutrogena® Malaysia; Christy Yong, Marketing Manager, Consumer, Johnson & Johnson; Julia Teo, Associate Marketing Director, Johnson & Johnson; Hazzer Wan Lee, Local Fashion Designer; Dato’ Nancy Yeoh, President of STYLO International; Raghu Krishnan, Country Director, Consumer, Johnson & Johnson; and Kittie Yiyi, Local Fashion Designer

Once again, thank you Neutrogena for the invitation for the Happy Skin 24/7 journey in a fashion show manner. I especially love their 2 in 1 Hydrating Cleansing Foam (Makeup remover + Cleanser) for their gentle, convenient-to-use feature.

And also thank you my dear friend, Eve Wai Kuan for keeping me company. I hope you enjoy the fashion show too!


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