June 18, 2017

Blog detox: My current Face & Lips mask collection

Growing up, the first skincare that I knew how to use is cleanser. and the next thing I knew is MASK. ,face mask. I still remember the first mask that I use was the move rave mask from Taiwan, My Beauty Diary. I used if regularly, as more than more variant of masks are coming out. I started to try on them.

Even though up to this day, I already have a consideration of skin care products. Mask still remain essential in my skin care collection. I love to use mask especially when I feel stress, or when I go on vacation. Because it does calm down my skin which get dry as the environment changes. 

 Always bring along the duo whenever I am on vacation. It secures my face and lips.

Lips Mask Collection

 Also I like the cute packaging of Lip Spleeing Mask with pleasant fragrance. and it  comes with spatula. How could I resist the exquisite packaging of this little pink. Other looking appealing, it deeply moisturize my dry lips. Simply apply a layer on your pout, and wash off the next morning.

 Skin food Avocado & Sugar Lip Scrub

Then this grainy avocado and olive lip mask from skin food does it wonder in removing the dead skin , giving my lips a refreshing look. It gives moisture also  in terms of application. This one is easier to apply. Simply use your finger to apply on your lips, and rub it and rinse off with water. You get to see the result immediately.

Face Mask Collection

 My overnight sleep masks! OMG! And I love each of them!

From Left
1. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask
I heard so many rave about Laneige Water Sleeping Mask. I love the cooling sensation once I apply it onto my face. And it won't leave any sticky texture after wash off the next morning. But honestly, I cant see much different in hydration.

Still I love it because it gives the cooling sensation it does on my face, and I believe it helps to relax my skin and serve as a protection barrier, guarding my skin from getting too dry. That's why I bring it along every time during vacation.

2. Cool Cool Mon Slow Aging Sleeping Mask
Used the mask twice. It concentrated in near watery form

3. Clinelle Pure Swiss Hydra Calm Sleeping Mask
It leaves sticky finish even after I wash it off. But my colleague told me that my skin look extra glowy and rosy. She even asked me to snap a pic of the sleeping mask that I use~~~ So , I came to conclusion, mask being mask is always sticky to bring out the effect.

 When it comes to mask, I don't really fix to any particular mask. There are so many masks of different texture. I particularly like the bio-cellulose mask , not sure because it suit my skin type or what, but i feel like it does extra hydration then any other masks I tried.
I don't put them on daily, cause at home I got my own skin care to guard my skin. Would apply more diligently when I am on vacation. By the way these are the ones  in using currently.

So do you have any of your favourite mask? Feel free to share it with me too!

One of the mask that I applied recently. Hydro gel mask pack. So fun to poke with. The gel mask get thinner after around 20 minutes. 

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