June 20, 2017

Orkid Cosmetic Matte Suede Liquid Lipstick

 Hi , lovelies! You will definitely know Orkid Cosmetics if you have been follow my social media updates recently. Recently, I keep on using their lipstick where ever I go. 

I got the lipsticks thanks to the Butterfly Project Malaysia. The founder, Mamasan Tammy included some of the girls favourite for letting us to review on it! and I am so happy to get lipstickssss!

And these Halal matte lipsticks is made in Malaysia. (Speaking with a hint of pride!)

"Orkid Cosmetics is a global trendsetting Halal cosmetic brand for the modern Muslim and conscious women.

We provide affordable high-quality Halal beauty products made fresh from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Keepin it 100%"  

Comes with exquisite packaging which totally melt my heart.

I love lipstick so much so I decided to try it the next day after I got it. And here are the colours!

Blush   |    Mars  |  Turnt   |   Vibes

The founder of Orkid Cosmestic, an aspiring Malaysian lass, Raeesa Sya has specially handpicked the 4 colours for us to try.

Blush is the palest colour of all. But I like it the most! and browsing in their official site, Blush is currently sold out now. It is nude, but no-so-nudes, expressing a soft, demure yet on-the-go look.

Mars is the colour of RED with mixture of brown in a bit. It makes my skin look so fair when I put on it.

Turnt and Vibes look similar to me, but Turnt look nicer on me, probably because Vibes is a bit pale dark and nude for my skin colour.

In order to correctly justify the colour of each  of the lipsticks. I show it here with a full face of mine. So that you can see the difference in relative to skin colour.

Special features of Orkid Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks

1. Added with Vitamin E to moisturise the skin .
2. Ir is 100% Cruelty-free, Vegan and Wudu-friendly.
3. You can always put on lip balm before use. The colour still stay vividly as long as you stay away from oily, greasy food.
4. It cost Rm 39 , and if you will get Rm 5 rebate when you subscribe to their newsletter.


Dry out super fast. The matte velvety look in the beginning, but lips show flaky after few hours. It is transferable especially when it comes contact with water. I took a few sip by drinking using cup, and there was stain leaving on my cup. However, at the end of the day (means after 9 hours like that), the colour remain rich and pigmented as it is, it still remain intact on my lips without need to  re-apply.

So as long as it is transferable, the colour still can be maintain for whole day without applying.

Blush lipstick on my lips.

Would I recommend this? 

Yes! Definitely. Compare to many matte lipsticks on the market. Their lipsticks work pretty well, long lasting despite being transferable (matte lipstick tend to be transferable). Each of the colours here are so pretty in its own unique way and if you read the description of each colour. They will suggest whick type of colour suit your skin colour.

I am also more likely attach to cosmetic brand that care about the environment. Vegan and and affordable.

So if you are looking for Matte Lipstick, you can always go to  Orkid Cosmetics, subscribe them to get Rm 5 rebate!  

Orkid Cosmetics 

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