June 27, 2017

The Taste of Malaysia @Teluk Intan

Teluk Intan is our hometown. Every year we never fail to celebrate Chinese New year in Teluk Intan instead of our living town. Whenever we go to Teluk Intan, we always go for local delicacies hunting. This include the famous Chu Cheong Fan, Ais Kacang, and Chaw Kuey Tiaw, mainly 3 of them are the most anticipated.

This Raya, we spent our holiday here in Teluk Intan too. And it was so coincidentally we came across this foodfair while going to 58 stalls, a popular hawker center that is not a stranger to the local.

The food fair - The Taste of Malaysia is a food fair that will go for a nation parade every weekend. It  lasted for 3 days from Fri to Sunday (23-25th June 2017). And apparently, there are going to Sungai Petani Kedah next week! (30th June - 2 July). It approximately host 30 stalls at the food fair.

What makes this food fair extra special was the venue it took place. The place it held was the place where my dearest dad received his primary education. So we took the chance to visit the food fair and our dad's Alma Mater.

All the food there look so delicious and appealing at the first glimpse, probably because we were hungry at the time too, but it was a tad bit expensive you could hardly find Rm 5 and below.

Cheese Tart Rm 4 each

I was elated to see Lava Cheese Tart at the food fair! All of them are cheese in the centre but different for the topping. I bought their signature Crispy Lava Cheese, Fruit topping and Caramel topping.

Giant French Fries with Cheese topping  Rm 10 

Frankly, the size of the french fries was a signature gimmick to attract so much of customers. But it is actually normal french fries drizzle is not so concentrated mozarella cheese on top. Both my sister and me didn't think it deserve Rm 10 lo~~~ 

Being the giant size french fries as a gimmick aside, I shouldn't miss the chance to take a photo of it. And at the back with four Mandarin characters literally means " Love me San Min" (The name of the school is San Min Primary School).

I was so hyped up to find Ramen in the food fair!  It cost Rm 12 per bowl. But it was mediocre to me. For a ramen person like me, I could instantly know that the ramen soup doesn't boil me pork bone. But my parents generally it approve it...hmmm....

See. this is the examplary food that sell Rm 5 and above. It was appetizing anyway. Would recommend you to try on it.

The youngest duo in the  their father's Alma Mater. And the happening trading scene at the back.

 Coconut icecream. Rm 8 for a bowl. 3 scoops of white coconut ice-cream served with roasted peanut, sweet corn and coconut sugar. 

 My family member voted the coconut ice-cream being the best choice of all, which is even better than the one in Chatucak Market. It's their opinion anyway, cause I still favour the one in Chatucak Market as it serve with more coconut flesh and fresh coconut juice. 

Some of the food we bought before devouring them.

That face of my sis who looks like Food Critic, haha. and Food ambassador too. 

At the end of the Food Fair,  there was a lucky draw for the visitors who spend more than Rm 10 and above. There was around 20 hampers were given away, 

The organiser, The taste of Malaysia 舌尖上的大马美食 also donated Rm 2500 to the San Min Primary School as a token of appreciation for the venue sponsor and also for the good cause of education fund!Big thumbs up for that!
The lady in the photo is the current principle of the San Min Primary School

There is no FB page of this event at the time of writing so I can't link you can facebook page for more infor. If you happen to know more infor about this event, or about the organiser, feel free to PM or comment at the bottom here.
And the grand prize being the 32' plasma TV was chosen by lucky draw by throwing the lucky draw paper in the air~~ LOL .Congratulations to the lucky winner who walked away with the plasma TV!  

Alright, so there is a little infor about the The Taste of Malaysia Food Fair. Ended this special food fair post with my family photo in Teluk Intan San Min Primary School! It's a very2 rare chance for all of us working and studying apart to reunited here in this raya season, hehe. (A bit too much of personal, but well~~~  I am so proud of my family members. )

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