August 22, 2013

Bag of Love August Issue

To my surprise, I got a Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella. Really surprise to max when I saw this. Intially, when I unpacked the parcel, I can already feel there is a book inside, I thought it migh be just a manual, (hahaha, a thick book manual on how to use, or a free note book of Bag of Love), never once thought it would be a fiction novel, OMG!!This is so amazing, (have to depend on the content of the novel also lar~~), who will ever think that you can get a fiction novel from buying a beauty box! I gotta read this during my spare time.

Thanks, Mimi Teh, who will ever think that you can learn extra vocabularies through beauty box.

Now let me unveil what is inside my Lucky August Bag Of Love.

From Left:
1. Loreal Professionnel Liss Ultimate Smoothing Masque for Unmanageable,75ml here. Which is suitable for me, cause my hair is really long now, and had not have the time to manage, only preform the usual routine like you and me do in our daily life.Seriously need to do treatment on hair as I do curl my hair with hot barrel tong that will damage my hair!

2. Lierac Luminescence Serum, 8ml
This is totally a new product for me. All the information about this product show on the pic above, the information on the box. And according to User Manual, apply in on cleased face. You could also add a little to your creams and foundations for extra radiant skin.

just tried , Don't buy this if you can stand the overwhelming fragrance.

3. Johnson's Body Care Oxygen Fresh Gel Lotion, FULL SIZE,Rm 7.10
Take note on the GEL Lotion, its a bit watery , because of this I think it absorb faster into our skin, OMG! and then after you apply it, you will feel like don't apply anything!Just tested on my hand while typing here.It come with heavy fragrance smell, the word fragrance is 9th ingredients out of 15 total ingredients. 

I am not sure this is true or not. I always has this feel that the first ingredient appear on a product form most part of the product.Cause everytime when I look at the lable, the first one appear always is aqua/water.

4. Signorina EDT (bit of pinky), Acqua Essenziale (Blueish)
My favourite item of ALL!Haven't try 'em out yet. Keep until appropriate event then only I will use =). Did I mention I subcribed to Bag of Love because I love it has Perfume

5. Saxby Nail Lacquer, FULL SIZE. RM10.90- Rm11.90

6. Himalaya Purifying Neem Pack.15ml
Since it is specialized for oily and pimple-prone skin, I will pass it to my sister. Click here for more infor about this Neem Pack

To sum up, this is the User Manual that Mimi Teh dedicated to us - the users =)

Oh yea, I think the theme of Bag of Love this month is Joyful, Cheer.I was delighted to receive the novel and the perfume! 2 tiny bottle of Perfumes!

Lets see what the founder of Bag Of Love, Mimi Teh say to us.

sorry for the blur pic

Happy 6th Month Anniversary!!Time flies, and I am still merry evrytime I received Bag Of Love, I had been subscribed Bag of Love for 3 months, and get this August's for Free. thanks to all my reader,and those who read the post. Continue to view my blog yea,your support is the one who motivate me to blog more =)

Last pic of Bag of Love, the case of this month is soo cute. Tested, can fit a
a scientific calculator with spacious space for the rest of stationeries. Can use as travel pouch to home your cosmetic products, and skin care stuff.(Not water-proof)


Here is mine opinion as a  4-time-consumer of Bag Of Love, (3 months of Subscription and this month is Free =))It has given its consumer wide array of beauty products. From hair (shampoo, masque), face (foundation, foundation brush,skin care set), body (body lotion) extend to your finger (nail polish)to extravagant (perfume, their perfume is not the random one, so far I like every single of perfumes I get).

It is suitable for those who want to step beyond your usual routine of skin care, trying some new products (For July's issue, That have chia seed trial set, and Etude house aloe moistful trial set, envious died me =.=")U can always google for More!=)There also have special edition bag of Love with lots and lots of cosmetic products. If you asked why Bag Of Love know our girls/female so much, I guess its because the founder of Bag of Love is a beauty writer previously.

It also suitable for those who love surprise, which mean you have to bear the risk you might not like the product you get.

As a birthday present

and if you want to buy a travel pouch, you can always get it in Pasar Malam/Pagi at around Rm 10, I strongly recommend you  consider this, Cause with one stone, you can kill 2 birds.

After so much of my crap review, I shall lead you to the official site now =)

Peace out!


  1. did you get August's for free?

  2. Wow, looks like a lot of stuff! Definitely looks like it's worth it, and fun to try out all the new stuff!

    PS: I replied your comments on my blog, and.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! =D


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