August 19, 2013


Done my first presentation .

2 presentations on the Same day, on the very end of semester, on week 13

 I had turned 

applied linguist -----(into)----->  applied linguistic

Walao...I can't not take this off, I made a mistake when I want to say applied linguist....

pronounce pidgin wrongly

lesson: Don't rush, make things clear, clearly articulate.

 Don't look at my face, I really love my hair today. But I tight them up during the presentation.

Group of Introduction to Linguistic. Quite blur the pic, its okay la, as long as u can still recognise us >.=

Last but not least, this is my classmate, not all of them are here, with Miss Joyce.

Season of Final (Exam) has started, to me,aza aza fighting!

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