August 20, 2013

Why I want to go to The Lost World of Tambun with The Butterfly Project Malaysia.

Don't know when since  I saw this giveaway, I am keen on it.

It's a getaway review project organized by The Butterfly Project Malaysia,I really want to go to Lost World of Tambun since I went there last time, I was so relax being there, everything there seem like have a slower pace than in the  bustle of city (lol, of course). Even now, I am not staying in big city, I still have to rush for assignments, presentations, and lots of other events, in other words, the hustle and bustle of the campus, though I am enjoying my campus life right now, I still need something take can calm down my life pace sometime.

Hence, I decided to join this getaway, hopefully I can win this and get to know more blogger friends too!

Okay, here come the list of reasons that Why I want to go The Lost World of Tambun with The Butterfly Project Malaysia.

1.Organized by the Butterfly Project Malaysia.

I always looking forward to join events from The Butterfly Project Malaysia.The events organised is always unique and surprising and interactive, just like the Amente Spa Massage Party is lure me too much I told myself would Butterfly Project's (BP) event whenever I am available.Coincidentally, I have my semester break during the review project, so I must grab the chance to join this review project!

2.The Lost World Hot Spring and Spa
Their Hot Spring and Spa is unique attraction from Lost World of Tambun. Seriously, I like to soak myself in all their pools, The steam cave is the one I want to challenge. Last time, I went inside the steam cave, just staying inside around 1 mins is enough to make me feel dizzy. This time I want to challenge myself to stand for 2 mins, not very long, but enough to make me proud of myself,LOL~~

 The Steam Cave, like this pool the most!

The view outside the Steam Cave.

Another pool that I like is the Top of the World Pool, I can't find an appropriate photo for the pool. Never mind, I will snap the pool if I get the invitation.Basically, I just like all the features of The Lost World Hot Spring and Spa.

3. The Water Park

There are certain water activities I want to try, though its not as attractive as Sunway Lagoon in Subang, but it's another option for those who live in Perak. I can have the Jungle Wave Pool with the other bloggers,chilling and chatting, and snapping endlessly.This is life, man~~

4.The Lost World Petting Zoo

Say hi to this cute little Raccoon! You can found him/her in Petting Zoo.As word of "Petting" imply, most of the little creatures in Petting Zoo are not confined in cage.(Unless those consider dangerous like snakes, and fish of course).

5. I seldom join any blogger event, so I wish to join this blogger event ! I can only know the butterfly bloggers through The Butterfly Project facebook page, I want to meet Tammy and the bloggers in real live, get to know each other,and snap photo like endless =).(previously, I have won a gift from them, I am so motivated!!!) Some more, I can spent 2 days 1 night with the butterflies, this is so amazing!!! So excited when thinking of this!


I am trying to make the video look amusing, do drop comments if you want to praise my acting skill, hehe.Okay la, you are allow to criticise me with some constructive suggestions.  I think I am so drama queen inside. Hehe, but not in real life.Comments, comments, I invest quite some effort to make this video one.

The video is about why I want to go Lost World of Tambun also. The reasons I am trying to depict in the video:

1. The Hotel in Lost World of Tambun.
2. A great opportunity to meet Tammy and the rest of the bloggers
3. I want to try the crystal spa so badly!
4.(Mention this reason before), the Lost World Hot Spring and Spa
5. Finally, the Water Park has fun activities that never to be missed!

Did I mention that the selected butterflies will be shuttling to Lost World of Tambun with ETS (Electric Train Service)? ETS Malaysia is one of the generous sponsor too. Your journey start once you hop into the couch, viewing the breathtaking mother nature scene along the journey in air conditioner couch. What an enjoyable way to kick start their journey! 

For your information, this review project is organised by The Butterfly Project Malaysia, sponsor by Sunway the Lost World of Tambun and ETS Malaysia for the participants to from KL Sentral to Ipoh!

Click to here to view Tammy's Getaway Review Project for this, she is the founder of The Butterfly Project Malaysia =) 

Finally,wish me luck! Hope that I am one of the 30 bloggers to join this Review project Xp


  1. LOL! Ur vid so funny la esp the bikini part. Good luck! wish eu can be the lucky winner c:

  2. Nice video! Hopefully u got it! :)

  3. Ky wan,ITS YOU! I kept thinking why I didn't get comment from you. Sometimes wor, if I can see the imotiv one, then I cannot see this one. confusing.

  4. thanks, Henry Lee,FYI, I GOT IT! Thanks for ur wishes =)


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