August 14, 2013

The begining of the Vibrant August

This was the very happening Rock the International Concert on 2nd August, yea, just the 2nd day of the August, and I really love my August month, its a month for Leo and Virgo, and I am the latter one. =)

A photo with Diane Yong, I like the way she dress. She is actually younger than me, but I look like I am younger than she due to the way we dress.

With Jia Hui after the concert, went to Maha Maju to supper. My sister and me, paid a total around Rm 17 for the supper.

2 cup of susu Lembu (hot milk)
1 maggi goreng double
1 roti bom telur
1 roti telur
1 nasi lemak ayam

usually my supper will only range within Rm 5, but that day it had became Rm17++, as we didn't really take dinner. I need to be there on 6pm ady.

With my dearest Chia Ying Tan, ignore my ugly pout, but don't you think the lighting is great?

With my dance crew, she is Allison, a pretty girl who can dance really well. I want to show the video, but still not available for the time being. =)

With Wei Ci, the way we smile were quite the same, Smile Partner (SP), lol

With Remax, I don't know why I would do this post, probably I have no other pose ady.

With Ktarian, Ken, Phoebe, and Xiao Long. They were all nice to mingle with!

With the pretty Phoebe

I didn't took much pic with my dance crew cause everyone snapped with camera, or iphone which is quite decent, quite reluctant to snap using my handphone when there is a lot DSLR. Plus, I went inside the hall the watch the concert ady...hehe, the concert that night is quite Rock!! Though its not really interactive during the beginning.But as the night time fall, everyone was like zombie get very elated because of the MC, the music, and the ambience there.

Yea, this is ALL the performer from Prinz Studion that night. I wander where is the video???!!!

Let me show you how the concert rock that night.

Miss CHia Ying with the elated crowd as background.I want to take photo like this too!

Spot anyone?

Of course, not to forget all of those who contribute to the concert that night =)
Accordingly, the committee had prepare for almost one year for this grand Rock the International Concert (RTIC)

Immediately the second day after the RTIC, I have had to wake up early at 5.20am to go to Pasir Puteh for a community service known as School English Project. Need not to be mention, I was so reluctant to wake up lar~~ slept around 1.30am the night before. But I was so willing to join community service though. So much fun and you get to know a lot of new friends!

Nitya and I are the MC of the day. She spoke in English and I in Mandarin.

The colourful pastel jeans really striking. =)

And we were the teacher of the day, so humble we were and our hand put in the same position too. OH yea, if you realise the photo suddenly become so HD, it is the masterpiece of Stewart Ooi. Go to view the link, the photos are really nice, I like it! Coz I was there when he shooted, and he somehow shoot each of them with initiative to make them flaweless, I mean photo won't be flawless, but try to make them as perfect as possible. I think he is satisfied with each of them he uploaded on facebook.

Can't stop credit to him cause don't you think the photos below really nice?! He just learn it about one month only.I think its either he is too talent or the photography is too easy? LOL

Chwin Wern and I and the standard 5 twins!

We were teaching tongue twister, there were 4 teach group based on the 4 skills in English. And we are the reading one.The purple shirt are the teacher of SJK(C)Pasir Pinji 1.         

I think this is us with standard 6

They are teacher of Singing group (Speaking), exclude Nitya and I, we just came ealier for preparation of the Movie time later.  

Basically the content of the news was talking about what Miss Chan the principle had said.

On the Sunday, 4th August, The Opening Ceremony of Kampar Buddhist Association.

I was so glad I get to help them a little. (Basically, I just help do dishes washing only)

The OC started at 10am sharp, with the lion dance to kick start.Not to say its to entertaint the guests attend that day, cause the lion dance stand outside most of the time only.

Most of the people attended were uncle2 , aunty2 from Local Kampar as you can have seen here. As little sarcasm as it sound,  they were so bubbly you know, most of the lady hug each other when they met, just like the greeting way of white people you seen in movie.

And they were really energetic, they settle most of the stuff even the task of lifting, shifting some furniture, chair. This is really something different that I havent seen before, which is good. Just like 人间有爱=)(ren jian you ai, mean love in people , literally translation)

Somehow, at the point, I was touched too, cause I have not been seeing so much of people in Fo Jiao Hui, and already long time I didn't sing 三宝歌 (san bao ge, can be consider the anthemn of Buddhism) and chant scriptures too. But scriptures was too long until it went tedious for me.

 And we were invited to have lunch feast after the OC.

 Never had I had seen such a luxurious vegetarian feast in my entire life until this point.

 Cause the food is actually came from a restaurant where the elderly and the rest of the guests went there for banquet of the OC after that. We were assigned to wash dishes, swept and mop the centre after all the crowd leave, and we were in charge to lock the door.I am not the last leaving one.

Pic here as a token of appreciation and credit to them! (I am included,hahaha). This is just part of them cause there were still some sweeping and mopping in the hall there.

The begining of August started with lots of events, it was so happening. I am really enjoying my campus life now, even campus life come with assignments and test.Initially, it was quite some effort to cope with the assignment and still trying to accustom it. And the only solution is to have a very strict, discipline time management(quite failed on this) if you want to treasure extra-coco and maintain study the same time. This why explain I rarely update my blog.

Well, I usually blog when I have the gush, but this post is excluded, this post is to update the how-am-I-recently, =)

Okay, better turn on my study mood on, time is insufficient here =(

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