August 5, 2013

July 2013

Harlo, can't believe it 5th day of August already, been really busy recently, that's why only update my blog until today, today is not Monday blue anymore!! Coz I am free from any lecture class today! But I need to study also la~~ Week 11 it is, mean Week 15 is approaching~~

Okay, lets pics talk about my JUly here.

 First time performance after my study here. in Ktar

 Roccon say hello to u! Went to Lost World of Tambun with WS, coz I got cheaper price from Groupon =)

 Attended to Memories Prom night organise by Marketing bla bla bla. Thanks Chia Ying for asking me out, won't join the such awesome event without you told me.

 With Double Cheese Burger, not with all members though.

 With Chia Ying's friends, which then became my friends =)

 Like this like this, initially just wanna took a pic with the 4 seasons backdrop, and here they came, the impromptu snap =)

 With the masterpice's Master!

 Elsie Tan Xiang Yee sang well in the night also. Somemore, she came from Teluk Intan, where I went there to celebrte CNY every single year.

 The guy was trying to flirt me..... LOL, actually, I was thinking which one to drink, its mocktail, not cocktail (with a little percentage of alcohol)

Hehehe, Idunnoe why I can't stop myself from shooting with them =)

Taken on 23th July, 7.13pm the sunset was pretty.

 Taken on the same 23th as well, the full moon~~ at 9.29pm

 The consequence of going out without close the window...

 chair, bag, notes, curtain. Luckily, no eletric shock. and Luckily also coz its saturday, then I just swept and mob la~~

 Before I moped, hehe, coz I leave it running water, and then when I came back , the pail was full ady.

 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED this one! its a cupcake called HoKaiddo cupcake, super delicious and you can get it at Rm 2 at pasar pagi Old town there. MUst try!

(Important instuction, put the cupcake in fridge for 2 or 3 hours to let the cream inside freeze before you gobble up them, eating in this way is highly recommend by my friend, then by me after I tried 'em out)

 Chia ying's

 I forgot what's the name I ordered, but it taste nice! I like the blackpepper sauce. and they applied some butter on the bread, which then make it more delicious, and guilty for consuming too much calories, the same time. But its okay la, I only eat once in awhile.This is Vegas, forget to mention.

 Wen praticing for the second performance. We would perform on the Rock the International Concert. I was the one who hold the camera.3 different secenes here.

Left: Practicing non-stop

Middle: 2 emo girls

Right: Selca-selca-selca-selca, the worst, didn't jio(invite) me. Lol, they did ask us to join la.


Here come the short video about our praticing, I was not inside, coz Imma the videographer.

 Random braid on random day for no reason.

 Burning mine all-day-oil, rushing assignment before the due date, glad that everything is over now. and I am more immune to load of assignments in the future. This is really hard though.

Grateful that I no need to worry about eating here, cause there is always delivery. Perhaps I was squeezing too much of brain juice, and starving, the fried rice was tasty =)

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