June 27, 2013

Bag of Love.June issue

 Aloha! I am so excited when I receive this just now, blog immediately right after I get this!

This month's Bag of Love is the version that I love the most! First, I receive it unexpectedly!(Though I been subscribe to it, but the feeling of receive a parcel...Uknow?)

 Yes, the theme, the summe beach theme, great that haze has gone, which mean we can enjoy outdoor activities again!

like the phrase, "everyday can be a beach holiday for us!"

this is just so true for me, coz my hometown, just a 5- 20 minutes journey to reach beach! But so far I havent wear bikini , hahaha, just kidding! Didn't have this gut to put out that little pieces, esp in Malaysia.

 See See See! Sho adorable , a lovely marine blue-white strip~~~ When I first unboxing it, I am  cheered by the pouch bag!!My beach holiday mood turn on but I have to suppress it =(never mind, let it burst by blogging here!LOL =)

Major Love to this issue's of Bag of Love, many things just come in the right timing! because I am going to Lost World Of Tambun soon! So yea, SPF thingy is needed to take care of my delicate skin.My friend who has no wrinkle on her face say

Treat your skin like tofu 
around the eyes area.

skin is like wantan
super thin

(Cute,right? Asian analogy, and super easy to imagine without much elaboration. Wonder when I can go to this level.)Last time I cycled the half day without any preparation, in the end, I appeared in 2 colours skin tone, =( lesson learnt!

 Cremorlab Hydration Trial Set. Come in Travel Pack!

One of the reason that I like to Subscribe Beauty box because I can always get some travel pack which seldom sold outside. (Though I am so darn to receive it in full size, LOL)

As you know I just received it today, havent try yet, but I already opened the Sun protective , smell pleasant~~~ Going to use it before going into pool!

The Sun pprotector is SPF35 pa++

(oh yea, if you doubt why I arranged the bottles in such order because I arranged them based on the which to use first. From left,cleanser, toner, day cream, essense)

 Clairol Professional Color Radiance Shampoo, 250ml RM 43 (here 50ml)
Clairol Professional Color Radiance Intensive Mask 22ml Rm 69(here 30ml)

Have yet to try out, I think I not longer need to buy shampoo for half years already, I got shampoo for all the 3 months subscription.
(Suggestion to Bag Of Love: Prefer hair conditional next time, coz too much of shampoo ady,hehe)

I think I will not bring this to my summer getaway, I opt for Keratase from the May's edition.

 Next , it is Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Honeysuckle Eau de Toilette spray, 100ml Rm 185

last around 2-4 hours.

Sorry for the distorted product display, I am too excited to try it. Love the smell!

 Vaseline Healthy White SPF24 pa++ come in Full Size!! Rm 15.90

Yes, this is the one I mean! She just come in the right timing, to protect my skin while undergo outdoor activities. yet , this is not water-proof~~~

but the thing is last time when I use the SPF 50 water proof Sunblock, I feel uncomfortable, the smell is so irritating, not to say its stink, just like too much of chemical~~ Nonetheless, might need it to protect me from sunburn.

 Definite Foundation Brush, Full Siza, Rm 118

Yeah! one more item to add into my make-up pouch!

Lastly, Bag of Love is so considerate that some users like me is the first time user, so she included the instruction on how to use them!

So, if you consider to buy this or not, or looking for more information, you can always go here

 to check it out! That's all, and I want to say thank you to Mimi Teh for the awesome Summer Beach theme Bag of Love this months!