October 10, 2015

Top 5 to eat in Sea Park, Petaling Jaya

1. Flying Wantan Mee

2. Sea Park Bak Kut Teh

3. Nasi Lemak Bumbung

4. Sun Rise Duck Rice

5. Burger Lab

Criteria of judging. 
1. Based on the locality and uniqueness. 
Like the top 4 eatery are one of a kind and only found in Seapark. So signature in Seapark. 

2. Quality and delicious. 
Being signature enough, the food itself is the main limelight, and Yes, they are delicious enough that worth your taste, even when you come from Terengganu. 

3. Widely spread on internet. 
This is how all the 3 eateries in at rank 5 were chosen,Most of the time, I saw the reviews from this few restaurants , in facebook, openrice, blog and google. 

Now, let's look at each of this eatery, the food and what make them appealing, shall we? 

so far I had been here for 2 times.  Personally, I think the action of tossing the noodle in the air is just a gimmick. It only give reason why the name "flying wantan mee" . Nonetheless, their charcoal burnt-BBQ pork with proportionate ratio of lean meat and fat was luscious. and the noodle itself is savoury and tasty too! Available at 

Rm 6.50   small
RM 7.00 medium
Rm 7.50 big

     The reason I am choosing this at top 1 because it is so local, so street food, so tradition (Spreading 2 generations already). And the food quality is maintained. 

    The only funny thing is that you have to eat at SLOPE, sometimes I feel a bit headache turning around, eventhough it is late evening, without much scroching sun. Also, sometime, the wantan in soup would slide to gravity side when the table itself is wet with water also. 

     Nevertheless, I will still go for this. Not because the tossing gimmick, not because the long history, but the delicacies itself. TASTY. 

Unlike some of the modern day Bak Kut Teh, which the Bak Kut Teh soup is a bit dilute , or some other is salty. This Bak Kut Teh soup really authentic. The owner prepare  the pork freshly daily, and the ingredients for the soup also bought directly from Traditional Chinese Pharmacy. It is so original and taste so good. 

People who stay in PJ can come here to eat instead of going Klang to savour Bak Kut Teh, because seriously, it taste better Klang Bak Kut Teh. Just that this is not in Klang, but in Seapark!!! Which is something I feel so happy that I stay in seapark. It is just walking distance from my house! 

I googled search for top food in Seapark, and surprisingly, I didnt see Sea Park Bak Kut Teh in the list. How is this possible when some other eatery which I think is less better than Seapark Bak Kut Teh is in the list? Hmmm~~~ Now that maybe you doubt about it's deliciousness? Come and try it, then you will imediately know what I feel. 

Needless to say, this is so famous that I need not to describe anymore about how tasty it is. The stall has been here for years. And the price remain Rm 5.50 even after the GST applied. And the Teh Tarik, not to say the best, but still taste like Teh Tarik. only cost Rm 1.50, which you can hardly found. 

The environment itself, not to say conducive, but chillax, like a typical mamak stall, without outdoor project, but a crowd of people who feeding on comfort food after working, or just come here to have Teh Tarik. The back alley that is burst with people , with wall fans and green plants in the vase is a magnificient scene that wow me for several weeks before I get used to the scene. 

4. Sun rise Restaurant

 why put 2 pics here? Coz this is the only place where I wrote my review for Sun Rise Duck Rice.
Serioiusly, this place always crowded, since the day 1 I moved here. I have also heard about it from other online foodie site. But if you like something Roasted, or you like to eat duck (guess you have heard about this place before)

Do not simply look at it as a mere rice and duck. You must have tried 

1. The crispy outer layer of roasted duck skin 
There is where the essence come from, and that is also what makes you here. 

2. The meat itself
The meat that has some fatty oil, and perhaps the duck has been marinated dont know for how many hours with their secret homemade sauce before sent roasting. The meat is tender, oily and inherit a mild aromatic roasted flavour from the crispy duck skin as well. As in they were well infuse into each other. 

3. The Soup
Seriously, the soup taste like sour vinegar. Ironically, people around me....First, My boyfriend who just sat beside me &  the uncle whom we share together like the sour soup very very much. CLaim that it is flavoursome. That's not the end, the group of ladies, who sat next to us, ask for additional soup.

4. The sauce & the rice
There is always a reason why the sauce is serve as a complimentary there. I have forgotten how the taste like, the uncle who we share the table tell his son must eat together with sauce also, why not you just try it out yourself?

The rice is just a plain white rice. Before I made the first visit there, i thought it was oily rice. It's just average food, it's okay you want to eat withouth rice. but I bet you, the Asian will =D

    31, Jalan 21/1, SEA Park, Petaling Jaya, 46300, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, 46300

5. Burger Lab
It's been sometime since the last time I tried burger lab, I went there recently before I back to my hometown again. I seldom visit Burger Lab because despite it's worth it, the price is still not so friendly for student like me. However, I suggest you to follow the instagram of Burger Lab as their will announce as soon as  they have any super worthy promotion.

The recent jaw-drop  promotion that catches my attention is their RM 5 combo (burger, drink, side)

from 17th October - 16th November 2015, Tuesday to Sunday (5pm - 10:15pm) at all MyBurgerLab outlets.

Their menu really update from time to time. Because they don't serve Lava Brownie last time I visited them. From Top left , Lava Brownie , Spicy Hawaiian, and Swisstake.


While Thai Camp (Taman Paramount) is a frequently discussed on internet, I would love to try it in the near future. However, but the Thai eateries in Seapark, you can look for Porki Society, their near authentic thai food and the colourful ambience. The one dish that I am craving from their restaurant is Tom Yam Fried Rice. Never thought that Tom Yam that usually serve as soup would infuse well with fried rice. I tried to cook Tom Yam Fried Rice before, it taste so seperate, like the Tom yam remain tom-yam-paste taste, and the rice is just the evidence it has been fried before. Until to the extend that I came out with a conclusion, Tom yam couldn't mix well with fried rice. 

I not sure how big/small is a Seapark neighbourhood. But basically, all these 5 eateries are within walking distance from each other. Now , present you their distribution in Seapark!!

Look for the yellow star one. The Sum Fatt Kee is actually the location for the Seapark Bak Kut Teh. Couldn't find the Seapark Bak Kut Teh in google map, so Sum Fatt Kee will do. (Seapark Bak Kut Teh is a road side stall operating 5pm - 10pm ) in front of the restoran Sum Fatt Kee.

Also, there were a lot of local signature in seapark, and you might have interest in trying them .

sister curry laksa
Yang Kee Beef Noodle (located in Restorang Tong Fong)
Khong Yee Young Tau Fu
Soo Kee Shredded Chicken Noodle (Kai shi fo han)


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