October 18, 2015

SS2 Restoran Loong Seng Dim Sum

 Prety or not? My camera really did a good job.

Talking about the past raya weekend. Usually our family went to travel during raya. This time my parents came to KL because I was having internship there. We stayed in hotel nearby, Hotel 99. And the next morning, we have our breakfast here. A good place to have some dim sum in SS2 area. Overall, the food was delicious, I not sure about the price, because we were not given a receipt upon paying then.

 It was a Saturday morning. and what draw us here is the amount of crowd. The amount of people was too much, not only several tables were lining up on the roadside, some of the big group still have to wait, and it has first floor space for dining too.

 I actually quite like this food heater, It contain the flaky crispy egg tart!  Egg tart available at Rm 1.80 for 1.

 Wu Kok (Deep fried Yam Puff) with flavour peas and minced pork inside.  Rm 2 per pieces.

Most of the food here, were priced at RM 3.80 for a mini metal plate.

 Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom~~~ Since there was too much people at the ground floor, we were placed at the first floor. I feel like eating at the ground floor is better, because you get to eat the fresh from overn food, like the first floor.

The waiter will come with a huge ratten basket of dim sum for you to choose. Which it might not be the entire range of food. =(

 Their pan fried raddish cake, sesame ball were all perfectly make. Though it's fresh from oven. Serving hot as well.

 Aubergine stuff with fish cake. 

I am a porridge person, their porridge were not bad too. With salted egg , century egg, minced pork and other. Their rice is boil to real smooth texture. Remind me the rich and mushy porridge from KTZ in SS2 as well. 

 It's enjoying to have a chill Longan Tou Fu Fa while having hot dim sum as well. This dessert is pleasantly sweet, available at Rm 3.80 per bowl.

 Now, there is another choice of place for breakfast in PJ area. Definitely , I will not come here alone. Perhaps going with a brunch of friends? And this restaurant open until 2.30pm (3.30pm on Sat & Sun), so it's a good news even if you wake up late too. Came even make a lunch here.

Restoran Loong Seng

No. 50, Jalan SS2/66, 

47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 

I don't know what happen that the address is the same, it's also a restaurant, but it's definitely not the name of Ting Lai Liong.

Tel: 03 7876 2349 Operation Hours: 
Monday – Friday 5.30am - 2.30pm 
Sat & Sun 5.00am - 3.30pm 

Contact Number : 03-7876 2349

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