June 18, 2015

Shopping experience with Zalora.com.my

Harlo~~ Welcome to my page, if you wander how was it to purchase online from Zalora, then you are at the right site! 

From my personal experience, Zalora sell a lot of dress and accessories. I would need to take some time to select from among the manySSS cause with limited budget. I would always think about Zalora, for high class, expensive, branded dress and bags.As a student, I feel that sometimes the items there is expensive for me. Hence I would only visit Zalora, when it has big sale or something like that. 

Anway, in this post, I wanna update what happen after I purchased from Zalora.  I really forgot when I placed order from them. I think is on Friday.Right after that.....(Note: I bought clothes with Rm 100 Voucher from Zalora.)

1. I received an email about that I have bought stuff from Zalora, informing about their acknowledgement.  And after that I temporary forget about this. 

2. Then today, I received this SMS, this is one of the main point here. I never expect to receive SMS reminder from any online shopping so far. Most of the time, I would only get acknowledgement from email. I quite like this reminder, cause I know the latest update without need to check on email. But to check on it after I get this message =D 

3. While checking email, this is what I have received. 

4. Actually I quite like the clothes that I choose, so I am a bit excited, and when to see the progress of my delivery. Here come another highlight in this post. After pasting the tracking code. Below is what that popped out. Again, I was quite unexpected to see this simple diagram below......

By simply looking at the diagram, you already can figure out your tracking. How convenient is that!! The final stage is when you received your parcel. So it is "DELIVERED"

And here come my 2 pieces clothes! Nowadays when I shop for clothes, especially shopping online, I prefer to buy 2 pieces (top and bottom) instead of 1 pieces. Cause I not really sure about whether the size would fit me or not, especially dress would be quite hard to measure. Even though, Zalora do provide the detail information about the size of model wearing, and measurement of each size (Sleeve length, Bust circumference, waist , hip and dress length). I still feel it is better to test it on your body. Also buying 2 pieces, can play with Mix & Match!

Quite satisfy with their service, their inform customer at every stage they carry out. And even allow to do return of the goods (that even come with PosLAju form for you to fill in)

UPdate on 18th June 2015:

I got this SMS this afternoon. WOW~~ Zalora even continue to service us even after the goods is delivered. Judging from this, I can feel that Zalora would always reply their customer shortly upon receiving them. Well, this is just my assumption anyway. Do share with us (me and my readers) if you encounter anything with them that you would like us to know!