March 20, 2009

photo wif wan ching

heres, the day before going to Nasional Service,took some photograph wif her.
because she just my her new laptop,and we were using the new laptop to snap some shoot
her laptop has a special software that can edit the photo to the effect like photo above.
i ask her to come to my house because i wanna play her laptop and online using celcom broadband
because i never online using wireless broadband
but still her new activated celcom broadband seem unable to connect til 5Pm
so, i just transfer 91gengz 's photo and song to her
actually, i oso dun know how to use her computer,hers is window Vista one,so cool ,man
know how we take the photos?
we were standing on the chairs,hahaha
and the photographer is my cousin

going Nasional service tomorrow,byebye^^