September 15, 2022

New Born Baby Gift List idea 2022

 A few of my friends have already given me baby's gift during my third trimester. By that time, I am still not very sure what I need. Now, however, as a new born Mom for 14 days (yea, with 14 days of experience, staying in the confinement center) and everyday shop online to buy stuff for the new born baby. )

P/s: Still updating as a 20-day-mom  

I didn't arrange is based on the budget, However, you can roughly gauge it yourself when you buy it. 

Do always check out with the parents as they are the one going to use it. If they have already have the item, then your gift might not be practical too.   

Here are some of the suggested list 

1. For Baby 

2.For baby (3 months& above)

3. For Breastfeed mom

4. For Breastpump mom

5. For mom (in General)

Online baby shop: 


1. For Baby 

1. Ang Pao - the most practical one (and I can imagine the most of it will go to Diaper's purchase

2. Playmat  /Baby bouncer / Baby swing - The area where you place new born in the living room. 

Playmat is to place it on the floor when baby is bigger, can turn his/ber body, and can move around, As baby can turn his/her body, baby bouncer is not suitable  already. 

3. Baby's clothes : Taobao  | Nike  |  Happikiddo  - keywords :

Baby Clothes : KKBuy 

4. UV  Steriliser /Steam Steriliser - Make sure that the parents' house has sufficient space to put these gigantic electronic applicants.  

5. Milk Bottle (0-3 months | 3-6 months \ 6 -12months)    MAM   | He or She   
&  Bottle warmer 

6. Stroller / Car Seat / Baby Carrier 

7. Things to hang around baby cot 

8. Baby Snuggle Pillow :  Lazybear | V&W Baby Care 
1. 宝宝安抚巾 2. 豆豆被毯 3. 荞麦壳/乳胶枕头 4. 竹纤维餐具套装 5. 母婴包 (还可以变床🤩

a. Body wash 
b. Moisturiser 
c. Baby powder puff 

✅ Cetaphil
✅ Sebamed
✅ Aveeno
✅ Chomel
✅ Pigeon
✅ Suu Balm - I got the free sample from Suu Balm, it was nice after using it.

✅ Buds Organics

2. Gift for baby when they are 3-6 months 

You can also buy things for baby for their use @3-6 months. The reason being is their parents are mostly already have gotten the things for new born ready. 

1.Baby toy
2. Teether 
3. CLothes at 3-6 months 
4. Milk bottle at 3-6 months  OR  6-12 months 
5. Baby feeding set around 9 months 

3. For breastfeed mom 

1. Nursing Pillow  Rm 99 from Ikea  (Sept 2022)

2. Wingchair  for breastfeeding 

Wing Chair : a high-backed armchair with side pieces projecting from the back.

The simplified wing chair in my confinement center that I use quite frequently  

4. For breast pump mom 

1. Breast pump - make sure it is the wireless and handsfree one 

Wearable Breast pump Rm 408 (Sept 2022)

2. Breast pump hands free bra 

5. FOR MOM  (In General)

1. Skin care- like Bio Oil - to apply at the belly after the labour 

2. Belly Band - can use the hands-me-down one, as I wont use it after my belly goes back to the normal size 

3. Milk booster :Moeder /Lactation cookies / 永生通奶茶

4. Health supplement : 余仁生  |  永生 | 补腰精 Waist Tonic 

Chicken Essence / Pure Chicken Essence 

5. Fruit : Avocado, Kiwi, Strawberry, Banana, Orange  - New mom might have constipation problem, even if they don't eating fruits like this is healthy and it is unprocessed, naturally raw food, Easier to digest too. 

6. Other miscellaneous 

To buy/get list as a new parent 

1. 天猫精灵  : Shopee MY   |  Taobao China  - For me to look at the time when breastfeeding with both my hand, in this way,  I dont need to look at the phone 

2. Thermoflask : Mini size one with small drinking opening.  so that Mami can drink warm water while in the rush or in the car 

A big thermos water bottle  : So that Mami can refill from the big one when the small one is finished. 

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