September 22, 2022

Full time mom looking for job : What can you do?


What can you pursue as a full-time mom going to get a job ?

1.  Picking up new, beneficial skills

The below ones are more into the health and wellness related which fits my personality. After giving birth, I have new elevated awareness and increased priority on health and wellness related stuff like insurance, yoga, diet.



Learn some new skills which is beneficial to you. You can take a crash course, or It could also be you are taking 2-3 years to learn and gain experienced in order to be a professionally certified instructor , etc.


1.      Urut (The masseuse who Urut for me for the delivery was a full-time mommy before she ventured into full time masseuse. Her skills are so good she doesn’t need marketing herself. People go to her.)


2.    Gym one-to-one coach

3.      Yoga instructor (and there are so many different variant of Yoga Flying Yoga)

4.    Pilates instructor

5.    Art : Drawing , Music, Singing

6.    Cook :Selling your most popular dishes  : Overnight Oatmeal, Nasi Minyak, small scale catering,  cookies, Ang Ku Kueh , 满月礼盒

7.    Cooking school teacher: Teach people how to cook confinement meal , specialise into a certain type of cuisine like ..western cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Ramen, Pizza, etc

8.    Sewing

9.    Be a certified nutritionist

10.Be a sonographer (Just my personal preference, haha. I really wish that I could know the position of my baby during the ultrasound screening everytime, but I don’t know how to interpret it.)


11.English teacher (You can offer yourself to teach English if your English is above average, because in Malaysia , we speak broken English, so the demand to learn proper English is very high. )

12. Food Blogger / Mama blogger 

13. Video Edittor / Photoshop 

14. Handmade Craft - DIY workshop like bath soap, bath salt , shea butter. 




2.  Sales-related job

I guess you could easily name several of it before I elaborate.


A. Direct -sales (Amway, Herbal Life) It is about the wellness too.

-        For instance, I consume the calcium pill from Amway during my pregnancy.

-        Then, I also have F1 Formula drink from Herbal Life


B. Education system agent

C. Shopee/ Lazada online purchaser agent..

D. Thermomix mama

E. Slimming product, female nourishing products

 F. Property agent  



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