September 23, 2022

The love from Parents : The first ever Confinement Food & The Socks

即使当妈妈了, 还是被娇生惯养 💕💕💕


Story 1 

Mother's Love : The first ever confinement food 

Erm...I guess pics speak a thounsands words

My brother Heng told me this. 
He said Mami woke up in the middle of night to google for the confinement food recipe for me. 

Soo Ann  also emphasizes that mami spent a whole lot of time to prepare the confinement food. and the 木瓜什么什么汤(savoury traditional Chinese herbal soup one) for me.

And my siblings are the ones who helped in packing I guess. I remembered my mom said that they also put in the bowl so that I can drink the soup. 

Story 2 

Father's Love : The Socks   

I didn't know this story until my sister told me. 

The socks were Rm 40 for 2 pairs. (It's from Uniqlo anyway)

I mean you can buy it at some other place with much lower price and more quantity. for example 7 pairs at Rm 35. Why would you spend more? 

My sister said she actually advised Ah Jie and Mami a few thousand times no need to spend so much to buy socks one. However, my sister  paid for it in the end because Ah Jie insisted. 

I think Ah Jie might think that my body was very weak after giving birth to a baby hence should buy me better socks so that It can really keep me warm. 

Luckily I asked about this. I wouldn't know this if I didnt ask. You should have told me this mar~~ HaiYor...Luckily I did ASK. 

After I heard the story. I was like...It's okay I will pay for it. The socks on me. 

After the phone conversation with my sis. I went to my wardrobe, and looked at THE SOCKS。

So that I would know which 2 pairs are them. 

and before I knew this, I would care to wear socks ....but know...I will diligently wear it... and take good care of it. (Like I wont wear the socks out to keep it away from Covid, haahah).

I guess I would keep the socks even after it has holes , and seal it properly with Ikea zip lock bags. 


##The End ##

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