September 27, 2022

A baby has 3 Super Powers!


We went back to hospital for baby's check up. At the time, we were so new that I didn't know that I need to standby formula milk in case baby is hungry. 

While waiting, baby was hungry and crying. She cried like it's the End of The World. Like Thunder roaring. 

Wei Sheng (short for WS) kept looking for me (I was having appointment at the Gynae too) so that baby can latch on me. 

And once she latches on me. Then the whole atmosphere suddenly became so quiet and easy. 😁😁😁

Updated :27th Sept 2022   - 10.49pm 
Confinement center :  She cries inside the room with door closed. I can hear it from  the nursery room at the ground floor. 

Even if my baby does not own the pair of big dreamy eyes. She is still attractive to me, agree? 

So one of her super powers is that she uses her advantage of her dream big eyes to attract you. 

Actually, new born baby's eye sight hasn't fully developed yet. They can barely see colours for now. However, the way she looks at to resist?  

As of now, She can't babble yet. She cries only for now. 

I have seen this on my friend before. My friend who has also given birth not long ago.  ...She speaks to me like how people usually talk. 
. The moment when she turned to her baby. ..
The language changed immediately...

She speaks with more dramatic intonation, and very very repetitive. 
and short sentences. 

Then it was our turn. 
It happens to WS and me as well

Even if you are not a parent, you dont need to learn baby's talk. You will master  it the moment you carry them.😄😄😄😄

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