June 23, 2022

Pregnancy diary - Week 23 Going back to lovely home sweet home

 Week 23 Day- Back to Hometown trip

I have longed for going back to Terengganu. Terengganu is a beautiful place without much urban develoopment, but a lot of childhood memory.

I have also longed for travelling. I was worried if I dont travel now, I wont be able..or do not dare to travel during my third trimester. So I decided to go back during this long weekend. During the Agong's birthday.

Beautiful seaview at Dungun Terengganu. 

For a homesick person like me, Iwould definitely stop by the roadside for such breathtaking view.  Welcome to Terengganu! 

Nothing fancy, but plain natural beach here. 

and a lot of Malay food here. Nasi Minyak is one of the local delicacies that is commonly found only in East Coast area of Malaysia. Very very hard to find it in KL .

My breakfast kaki. 

My in-laws

A beautiful morning with hearty breakfast.  

Trust me, these are the food that I have longed for while in KL. so hard to find in KL. 

We had it here. 

While back in Kemaman.......

Mom has prepared this very yummy, tasty sesame soysauce chicken. So good I kept on adding rice! 

My mood was so good I kept taking photo of other dishes. Lovingly prepared by my mum! 

The public holiday, Agong's birthday. The morning view.. The morning routine ... 

Explore inCherating 

Just a lazy hot afternoon in Cherating. 

2ND jUNE 2022 . My lao gong is an awecosome cook!

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