June 11, 2022

Scentses+Co : 1st in Malaysia monthly perfume subscription

Love to smell good but not sure which fragrance you like? 

Interested in numerous  different fragrance based on different mood/ day/ attire without having to purchase full bottle size of perfume? 

Fret not as now Scentses+Co has to rescue. 

Scentses+Co as the First ever Malaysia monthly perfume subscription has step in to solve this problem. 

Not only  you get to choose from among 800++ genuine designer fragrances of your choice, such as YSL, Gucci , Versace and much more , you can also switch to different fragrance every month. 


1. At just RM49.90 with zero commitment, which means you can pause, skip or cancel anytime! Free shipping across entire Malaysia!

2.  With Scentses + Co, now we no longer have to pay rm300-500 for full bottle of just one scent!

  How it works in 3 steps

1. choose 1st perfume to start 

2. receive your choice of perfume 

3. switch to another scent every month 

After trying out Scentses+Co perfume, I like that it comes with a mini portable travel case that I can carry it wherever I go without having to worry about perfume leaking. 

As you can see here, My handbag is not a large one. Still, it can fit my mini Scentses+Co perfume+ travel case. This makes my life so much easier. If I am in rush or when I forget to spray before going out, I can still have the fragrance en route going out, waiting for leave or before leaving the car. 

However, what I like the most is that I get to choose the perfume of my choice from Rm 49.90 . You might worry that you choose the wrong fragrance which you don't like, but knowing that I can switch to a new fragrance next month, it doesn't give me much trouble in choosing the perfume, hahahaha. 

Also, I can choose to buy the full botthe size of perfume (if I really like it)  after trying it for one month. 
This is because each bottle has 8ml of perfume of your choice which gives you up to 120 sprays  (that means 3-4 sprays a day for 30 days!) and smell great for the rest of the month.

and If I want to try other fragrance, I can still choose it next month! In this way, I dont need to spend much to buy on the full size bottle yet I can enjoy the luxury of having to try different fragrance every month! 

 You can subscribe to this plan for as low as Rm 49.90 

The prices are as follow 
Rm 49.90 for 1 perfume 
Rm 99.80 for 2 perfumes 
Rm 149.70 for 3 perfumes 

You can check for the latest price here : 

LITE Fragrance Subscription For Her

On top of that , let's talk about the accessories. I am not sure about you, but I like something customise.

For the choice of customisation 
There are 2. 

The colour of the perfume case 
The name engraving
(max 10 letters)

 Otherwise, you could get the black matter travel case as shown here (WITHOUT NAME ENGRAVING) for free during the first month subscription! 

Pay for extra Rm 13.90 then you can to have extra case of your favourite colour! 

Enough of talking, now let's see what you will get when you subscribe for the perfume! 

Perfume subscription unboxing video 

How to use the box as perfume vial storage 

You can't wait to buy?  Here come the good news! 

Use Promo Code “MAPLE10” for a 10% off first month subscription

 You can subscribe to this plan for as low as Rm 49.90 

The prices are as follow 
Rm 49.90 for 1 perfume 
Rm 99.80 for 2 perfumes 
Rm 149.70 for 3 perfumes 

So what are you waiting for?  Join the club today, it’s only RM49.90 + No commitment + it’s all 100% authentic designer perfumes

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