April 3, 2017

Pablo Mini Matcha & Mini Cinnapple has come to the town!

Are you cheesetart lover? If you do, you would have heard of Pablo Cheesetart. It is very famous Half-baked cheesetart that has made its name in Japan.

View my previous review on their signature Cheesetart here. Cheese lover musn't miss this! To further extend the excitement, Pablo also offered a few other flavours to their cheesetart. And this time,  it is Pablo Mini Matcha and Pablo Mini Cinnapple.

Pablo Mini Matcha   RM 9.90 

Available from 1st April 2017 (no joke) onwards.  Bet you seldom heard of combination of Matcha and Cheesetart. Unless it is the original Pablo Cheesetart, otherwise the Matcha flavour is not really heavily cheese tasted. It taste like the Matcha Kikat Bar. So if you are a Matcha lover, don't forget to hunt for your Matcha food here! A food truly from Japan!

Pablo Mini Cinnaple (1/4- 31/5/2017)    Rm 9.90 

Yes, you look it right, It is Cinnapple (Cinnamon + Apple), a very unique flavour that we seldom seen in Malaysia. It is generous amount of  fresh apple cubes mixed with the special fusion jam on a piece of cheese tart.

The taste of the spreading is sweet and really crunchy as we bite on it!

Drink: Berry Cheese Rm 15.90

Topped up with a cup of Berry Cheese, a chilled beverage with 3 different types of berry and cheese. I felt a tad bit of full as I drank it during the hungry time. Fret not if you think it is weird to have cheese in the drink. Despite it has cheese, the taste of it is so mild, it basically just feel milky in a very exquisite way that you will like it.

Now, I am talking to talk about the Pablo Mini Marshmallow Strawberry Cheese Tart. Just like any other cheesetart here, it is priced at RM 9.90. A layer of strawberry jam spreaded on top of a piece of cheesetart. With the fluffy marshmallow on it, it make the eating experience a fun and excited one! But well, being pretty outside, it actually very cheesy at the bottom.  This is a limited seasonal cheese tart, so hurry to Pablo @One Utama to get it now! It's only available until 30th April 2017.

Hurry to get this as it's only available til 30th April 2017.

Strawberry Cheesetart  RM 49.90

This is my utmost favourite! I couldn't deny the fact that the price is a bit pricey. However, I highly recommended this! The soft centre creamy texture blasted with strawberry cheese cream which tasted balanced and sweet.

From my personal experience, it taste better you eat it cold than eat it in room temperature. Initially I feel like I was eating a strawberry flavoured ice-cream. However, the highlight here is that it has that really fresh chewvy berries in between the 2 layers of soft creamy tart that drive me crazy.

Highly recommended to eat when it is cold, not only it's texture is much more firm that it makes you easy to hold, but it somehow taste sweeter.

Talking about the crust, it doesn't have the crunchy sound after keeping in fridge overnight, but I was surprised to find it still remain crisp. I yearn for this whenever I saw it....

Japanese culture never fail us with it's design, and this reflected in their packaging.  A really sturdy packaging that really helps a lot especially during my 2 hours car journey for tomb-cleaning season. Even though half of the gooey strawberry jam on top of the cheesetart surface sided in the bumpy journey, the box was firm/waterproof enough to prevent it from further leak into the paper bag.

Also come with a lable to remind us the anticipated eater to finish it. Normally it can stay up to 24 hours (Tried and proven) and remain fresh if you keep it in the fridge.

A good food make a happy and contented me!

As a cheesy lover, I wish that I can try on their premium cheese tart next time! Wait for me!

 S130, 2nd Floor, Old Wing, One Utama Shopping Mall.  
Business Hour: 10am - 10pm 
Contact number: 017-274 0255

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