August 3, 2015

Future Greeting to Paper Towns in Maple's Diary

I long for a thought of myself on Paper Towns cause I like it so much. 

I have watched the movie. 
still in the middle of the reading
almost 50% of the reading
read until Page 115 out of Total Page 305

This is my first time, I am so mildly obsess with a novel. A movie novel. 

I must have compose this post, I don't care. 
Cause I plan that only after I complete the post, 
only then, 
I would proceed to do my FYP proposal. 

I don't care. 
Finish the novel by 8th August 2015

Anyway, do you found anything in this photo? 
I mean not the editting. 
about the content. 

#midnight thought

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