August 31, 2015


#48 Chillax in D'ez Coffee Oasis Square now. 

#47 Name Card

quite happy to see a name card for my blog, hehehe

#46 Birthday 2015

Okay, many people asked me how I celebrate my birthday. It's just a normal day from me. With the many2 love from my gang. Thank you! 

and thank you to my sis for the birthday cake. I actually never expect anything from her. And this is quite surprise for me also lar. And the rabit book mark from my friend also, you know who you are. 

#45 That 8km run-COMPLETED!!
30th August 2015

DC Justice League RUn Penang. Woke up 5.30am for this purpose. 1.5 hours taken for 8km run! BRavo to me!! I thought I only ran half way then cannot already. I thought I cannot join long run, manatahu, I can ler~~ hehe #quiterproudofmyself

#44 Thank you for acknowledge my effort

My boss treat me for lunch on my last day of internship. It really means a lot to me. Because my supervisor aka property manager is someone who is very busy all the time. He can even texted  in our working chatgroup in the midnight to remind us something about work. 

Not to say that he likes to disturb people after working hour. But being in charge on the property maintenance & landscape, & the safety about the tenants as well, our career require us to standby on 24 hours. Basically, from what that I observe, like a house owner need to take care of the house like that. 

#43 THanks for the B Treat
Jian Xing -Burger Torry

The only reason that make me drove from PJ to KL sentral, then from KL sentral to SS15. I was so damn tired that day. But I feel like want to celebrate my birthday with people that I love. 

#42 Project Space with Sharon Lee. 

Thank you sharon for the pre-birthday treat! And spenting time together, and take photo together. =D 

#41 FOr Pastries and dessert

I found out that I have a soft spot for light snack like pastries and dessert. I am prone to read food review of this kind whenever I saw them. And looking back " places that I wanted to step on" , I already have 2 places that is selling dessert, macaron and pastries.! 

#40 A date with Ivy Liew

We are August Baby!  It been about 3 years since we knew each other. and I am glad that she can make it this fashion show! As she is working now.even on weekend, so I actually feel quite kexi that we couldn't meet before I went back to Kampar.

In this photo. Honestly it's' a selfie of us, with my head at the front.

Then, hehe. She knew that I will complain for looking bigger head here. so She offered to take another shot with her head bigger. hehe. thank you babe! You knew me so well! 

Thanks to Ivy Liew helping me to take this. Honestly, I think Iook the prettiest when I am relaxing. Just everytime I look prettier than myself in other photos in the presence of WS. #validlogic.

Our pre-birthday celebration is a bit simple, like a normal friend bonding over great food.The important thing is that we can stop non-stop.

Bonding over a buffet. Munching and talking.

I like chocolate, and kikat is one of the afforable favourite. I do not want to promote anything. Just want to slow my life down. looking things around me, and suddenly saw this, so just take it and photograph it. and to sharpen my photography skills on object.  this photo is #nonedited. btw.


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