June 14, 2015

登嶝澄燈 舞台剧

 Harlo!! It's weekend and I already start intern for 2 weeks. Yesterday right after my work at 1pm, I straight went back to Kampar for this show. 登嶝澄燈 舞台剧. Previously I saw they keep promoting and uploading videos, but those videos hardly attract me to be honest. But yesterday it's just a WOW!

LIke all these while , what they keep for secret haWOWing the audience and surprise us so much!! Like so so much! Let me just start from beginning....

 First, there have this exhibition at the entrance of Grand Hall. Part of exhibition is that you can write your wishes or anything on this lotus and hang on this tree. Later this wishes tree became photography props of a lot of people.

WHhile waiting for the show to begin, they displayed some promotional photos. The reason that I put these photos here though it is taken from slide because looking at this photos, I felt that these people have growing a lot, though I dont really know most of them. The committees, helpers, and actors are not only working hard, and being a professional one, the quality of the photos display really look like these photos were taken in studio! Which in fact is taken in just a normal house.
 their eye contacts, costume, with a not-so-professional posture just make the feeling right!

 Selfie with 2 of my younger brothers, our family have 5 siblings, and 4 already here! Quite proud to support my own society =D  THe only one who absent because she is studying oversea.

 With the cacat one.

 I must said I am very impress with the booklet design. All the committees and helpers here are students, aside from study, they need to spent some time to design this booklet, which is 24pages in total  and the design is impressive! Just simply PROFESSIONAL!!Seldom see any event in campus make such a beautiful booklet that worth keeping.

 Some of the content inside.

 After the opening speech by various VVIP, as usual souvenir as a token of appreciation.

Opening Performance by COmmittees or helpers I not sure.

Then it first start with invited guest, Jin, 薛炳进 perform live with his warm melody, warm because his voice make me feel a bit鸡皮疙瘩 (, goose bumps ) in a pleasant way. And I just have to record the video.

Then start of the theatre!!
This story telling a group of 5 people lost in a jungle, and during the journey, they accidentally found a faboulousfeastl in a jungle, savouring in the meal without the permission of the owner...and in order for the owners whom is the 3 brothers, to set them free, they have to found a lot of money, gem for them.

The fabulous feast that is belongs to these 3 brothers. See the visual effect of theatre, just WOW!The strikingly colourful of costume and the light. They should put this on stage for us to take photo also.

And the characters in some famous game was part of their exploration too! Do you see anything from DOTA??

OKay,no more theatre performance photo, I just took a few photos and  simply attracted the show, and just want to enjoy the live theatre performance.

#end of the Theatre.

CLosing ceremony. Appreciation by helpers. 

by the committees who has been work hard for almost a year!and Growing together!. 

As the props are all handmade, and  huge enough to be placed in the huge stage of UTAR Grand Hall and impressive. Results of months of sweat and effort. I think they started to build this from scratch since February?? MC invited those who are interested to take photos with the props.

and with the character outside the hall. His make up is so surreal!! a fierce looking one.

And a cute one! Judging from his eyes, I could guess that he was smilling, coz when our eyes tend to squeeze into line when we smile. Logic?

Picture time!!! 

Kai kai was so handsome yesterday! and the girl usher I don' tknow her name, paiseh =P

With UTAR Buddhist Society seniors that come all the ways from Penang and KL area. 

With Ying Ying , my classmate!!

That's all for the night, a wonderful and fulfilling night!

A bit sad to see this end already =(

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