January 2, 2014

2014 resolution

Alright, I intented to do this post yesterday, together with the 2013 reviews.  But the 2013 review is too long I decided to separate them =)

1. Get a strong hips.

2. Workout diligently- Bed workout and Weekend Jogging

3. A more mature me.

4.Read at least a book in a month. NO MATTER HOW BUSY I AM!!Cut down my time loafing in online network, restrict to maximum 2 hours per day!

5. Cut down my monthly expenses to Rm700 per month- no online buying unless necessary.

6. Get a better grade- by study harder. Assuming spending at least one hour per day for this

7. Healthier lifestyle- sleep before 12am. Sleeping preserve beauty.

8.Pick up a new dish monthly!!! -perhaps I can do it alone
                                -perhaps I can do along with my friends

9. Diabolo

10. Love more- I copied this one from my friend, Evon. I shouldn't stay in room alone all the time. Be expressive, say something before its too late. Improve relationship with family and friends.

11. Speak English confidently. 

BTW, my 2013 mission have yet to be done:
to learn to bake egg tart
to learn swimming

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