January 2, 2014

Review of 2013

Just finish reading Fion's post, I am so inspired I decided to blog one too.

alright, I try to recall from what I can.

January- still studying in a college, taking Health Science Foundation.

February- produce my first video ever in life!


March- Finally complete my Foundation!!! I was on cloud 9 cause I can pursue my  degree already. I dislike the fact that I am slower than my peer. My boyfriend who is same age with me, going to graduate this year Oct! and I am proud to say that I pass with flying colour. CGPA 3.92. Expected, cause I have studied STPM before.

16th March- 9th May
Working as a Guru Ganti in Lok Khoon, Kemasik. Click on the link above about my experience working there. At the sametime, I have dilemma in choosing between studying in UTAR or accept the scholarship from Farview International School....I had been pre-occupied with this for so long. I mean I don't want to make a wrong decision again.

Initially I have getting STPM cert, but still proceed to foundation cause I want to pursue in Pharmacy. Just that I really do not like dealing with drug, prefer to confront people rather than drug.

The problem of accepting Farview will cut your way to teach in government school. And I wanted teach in government school cause it is place that where education need the most.My collegue friend, gave me a sensible advise, for she came through the same conflict like me.

Finally, I chose to pursue English Language in UTAR. Taking English is a course
which I never once think of in my entire 21 years of life. My decision of making this because I want to be a teacher in government school. Taking English greatly increase the chance of me to be a teacher in government school. This was what I thought that time. And .....now, I kind of change my mind, I not sure whether I still want to carry on

 in govern school 
still an educator but not in govern school
any other English related field 

Can someone please advise me in this? 

May- starting my undergraduate life in UTAR.I have found a lot of like-minded friends like me. 
People who like to cook
People who like to dance
People who blog
People who speak perfectly well British English
People who are ambitious

Of course, I am not expert in every aspect, specially sucks in English. Still passion make things carry on.

August- my birthday month. Glad that I can celebrate it with both my family and bf and my gramma at the sametime.

Sept- 3 years anniversary with Wei Sheng!!

- first time joining Butterfly Project event.It's a super exciting getaway review project to Sunway Lost World of Tambun!!!Click here to view the blog and video of my participation. I glad that all my effort really paid off!

October- start my 2nd semester in UTAR

November- monthly expenses Rm1k. Wtf, I am quite taken aback seeing the figure. I don't know what's wrong. I used to only spent RM300 (no need to pay monthly rental) in KL, I assumed. and now studying in UTAR has increase my expenses by Rm700!! wtBIGf.I spent money on ....
online blogshop
and campus event
I don't think I have spent money on other, how can it soared up so much?

Now, my mum ask me not to spent more, must figure out some solution for this.....still figuring......

December- the worst flood in my hometown 

 Basically, the whole Chukai just ruined into water town. Soooo much devastated. The bridge is one of the example.

 My house has never have so many rubbish stack like this.

 My house also have never empty like a new house.

- First time stay over in my boyfriend, Wei Sheng's house.and celebrate christmas with his friend =)

I came to realise that student life is not glam everyday. I realise it while studying in Kampar, I guess I don't find it while studying in KL because life is simple back then, I cook/see my housemate cook almost everyday in KL, that's quite fulfilling for my life in KL. Eating make me contended. LOL, Yes, no doubt in EATING. On top of that,you won't lack of activities in KL during weekend, I got to attend blogger events, or shopping, buy groceries,pasar malam every tuesday, wed, friday.KL is a city of transport convenient, you won't find it difficult to reach a destination within the KL area.

Kampar on the other hand, seems to have a lot of eateries. But you will get bored eventually. I lack of motivation of cooking everyday, I miss my KL housemate, I miss them, I miss the weekend I spent in KL.Although, UTAR kampar buzzing with events every week, every months. I did join them......how come I don't feel happier than life in KL...money problem? weekend-no-place-to-go problem? Relatioship problem? Degree study problem?

I guess I just shouldn't stay inside in a room most of the time.This is it for my 2013 review. I believe life will always be better then/ =)