August 23, 2013

How a music transform a video.

As the title imply. I'm going to show u how a music can make much more difference in watching a video, make the video more interesting. This is not a tutorial , but just to show you this.

The above video is a rather formal video that I submit it to join a Getaway review project. And I am glad that I got the invitation. If you wander how my post look like. Here it is.

The video below is the main point I compose this post. This is a more hilarious version of Why I want to go Lost World of Tambun.

Basically, the content of both the video is about the same. exactly the same actually. But there are some differences. Watch the video yourself then you will realise. The differences are quite obvious I could say.

If you ask me why I choose the submit the earlier one as the latter one is more funny. Coz I only re-edit it after I done compose the post.And I re-edit the video just to test the outcome of the background music I used.

One of my friend said he love the fashion part. 2 bloggers said the spa scene is funny. Now, I boost up the both scences make it more interesting. Click the play button to watch it now. =)

Okay, go to study now. Bye bye =)